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The M/S Stockholm is a classic ship built in 1953 for the Swedish National Maritime Administration. In 1998 she was totally refitted and started her career as a comfortable polar passenger ship. The M/S Stockholm carries a maximum of 12 passengers in twin cabins with bunk beds. All cabins have private facilities and small windows (portholes). M/S Stockholm is a marvellous piece of maritime history with beautiful brass details and wooden decks. It is no wonder she is loved by so many! After 20 years of navigating the waters in Svalbard she has the experience and track record of being able to access difficult to reach sites that are inaccessible to other ships.

On board you will enjoy delicious meals in the company of likeminded travellers, who are all fascinated by the Arctic nature, wildlife and history. The food on board is of high standard and all beverages are included in the price. With such a small party on board, this is like travelling on a private yacht. The crew on board M/S Stockholm are also great enthusiasts of the unique wildlife and unspoiled nature. Their genuine curiosity is a prerequisite for expedition cruises of this kind. A
trip on board M/S Stockholm in these northern waters, with its unique wildlife and pristine nature, is an experience of a lifetime! There are two Zodiacs and two guides on board M/S Stockholm.


  • Passengers: 12

  • Crew: 7

  • Length: 40 meters

  • Breadth: 8.8 meters

  • Draft: 3.5 meters

  • Tonnage: 361 tonnes

  • Propulsion: 700 horsepower

  • Speed: 10.5 knots

Accomodation Details

Twin Cabin

  • Upper and Lower bunk

Deck Plan

Arctic 2022 Departures

2022/6/28-2022/7/8, 2022/7/8-2022/7/18, 2022/7/18-2022/7/28, 2022/7/28-2022/8/7, 2022/8/17-2022/8/27

From $11,790

Arctic 2023 Departures

2023/7/15-2023/7/25, 2023/8/4-2023/8/14, 2023/8/14-2023/8/24, 2023/8/24-2023/9/3

From $11,990


From $12,490


From $21,490

2023/5/3-2023/5/10, 2023/5/10-2023/5/18, 2023/5/27-2023/6/4, 2023/6/10-2023/6/18, 2023/6/17-2023/6/25

From $9,390

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