11 Nights Expedition Iceland and Spitsbergen


Two Nordic beauties on one cruise: Iceland, with its volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls, followed by Spitsbergen, the kingdom of the polar bears. Welcome to vast expanses of untouched wilderness.

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Day 1: Reykjavik/Iceland, departure 19.00 hrs


Day 2-4: Iceland (Olafsvik , cruising off Latrabjarg, Akureyri, Grimsey )

Sparse and lush, grey and green, bubbling and icy – the many sides of Iceland will enchant you. Your very first landing in the tiny fishing village of Olafsvik will already allow you to discover the forces of nature on the Snaefellsnes peninsula*. A “miniature Iceland” with a basalt coast formed into columns, arches and caves by the sea. Get some fascinating insights into the region’s geological system on a Snaefellsjoekull volcano adventure*. The snow truck will take you up to a height of almost 1,400 m (4,600 ft). If the weather is good, there will be breathtaking panoramic views over the glacial landscape. Who knows, maybe you will find the entrance to the underworld described in Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Centre of the Earth? The bird-inhabited cliffs of Latrabjarg, which the BREMEN will cruise past, are like something out of the pages of an ornithologist’s handbook. The team of experts at your side will enrich your experiences with their fascinating knowledge. So you will see the nesting site of thousands of puffins, guillemots and auks from a completely new perspective. At the time of your cruise, there will also be plenty of chances to observe the giants of the seas, as humpback, fin and minke whales return to the north after the winter. Akureyri, a northern gem, is home to the writer Jon Sveinsson and famous for its diverse botanical gardens. Words cannot express the wonderful landscape that awaits you when you travel to the Godafoss waterfall and Midge Lake*. The mysterious Midge Lake forms a stark contrast to the thundering Godafoss. Its name refers to the swarms of midges that often hover over the waters like pulsating clouds of fog. A scenic flight over volcanoes and glaciers* will raise your enthusiasm to new levels. Admire the Vatnajoekull, the third-largest plateau glacier in the world, the largest lava field in Iceland, the Askja volcano and the “waterfall of the gods”. You can also experience one of the greatest joys on earth by riding Icelandic horses*. The experts will be on hand to provide fascinating insights into topics such as the area’s geology, its animal kingdom and the Viking history of Grimsey. Large colonies of birds nest on the remote volcanic island in the steep cliffs.


Day 5: Jan Mayen/Norway

Your route of discovery continues in the Arctic Ocean to the island of Jan Mayen, with its active volcano. And while the temperature drops, your thirst for adventure will grow in time for the next natural spectacle.


Day 6: Relaxation at sea


Day 7-11: Spitsbergen (including Prins Karls Forland, Ny-Alesund, Moellerhafen, Raudfjord, Liefdefjord, Magdalenefjord, Isfjord)

Massive glaciers, deep fjords and untouched wilderness: your eventful days on the coasts of Spitsbergen will be characterised by adventure. When the Dutch seafarer Willem Barents set out in 1596 to find a north-east passage to Asia, he discovered the archipelago and named it after the peaked mountains. Explore the habitat of whales, Arctic foxes, polar bears and walruses in great detail thanks to the captain and crew’s years of experience in the Arctic. Again and again, they will act flexibly and spontaneously to guarantee you unforgettable moments. For example, if you are lucky enough to hear a cry of “Polar bear spotted!” Depending on the weather and ice, you can explore the Arctic scenery in a particularly exciting manner and observe the wildlife from close proximity – for example, on the small island of Prins Karls Forland, where walruses often gather in herds. The area around Ny-Alesund provides a spectacular backdrop for watching seabirds: it was from here that Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile set out in 1926 in the airship Norge and were the first people to reach the North Pole. Ice, awe and fascination: Moellerhafen will not be the only place where the landscape takes your breath away. Unparalleled scenes also abound in the Raudfjord with its red-tinged mountain slopes. In the Liefdefjord, observe the impressive calving of the majestic, shimmering blue Monaco Glacier. Will another highlight directly follow on the journey past drifting ice floes? Possibly only if whales appear in the water and seals on the shore. In the Magdalenefjord, you will gain some insights into the former whaling tradition. Expansive tundra and peaked mountains shape the Isfjord and its neighbouring tributaries – one of Spitsbergen’s largest fjord systems at over 100 km (62 mi.) long. Overwhelming dimensions that the BREMEN will explore depending on the conditions. Look forward to the diversity of an unforgettable expedition to an amazing world.


Day 12: Longyearbyen/Spitsbergen/Norway, arrival 7.00 hrs Charter flight from Longyearbyen to Duesseldorf**

**Depending on the flight schedule, it may be necessary to change the destination airport for the return flight.

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