11 Nights the Frozen Land of the Penguins

11 Nights the Frozen Land of the Penguins

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We embark MS Nasen in Ushuaia, the world's southernmost town. We set a course through the scenic Beagle Channel toward the notorious Drake Passage, accompanied by wandering albatross and other seabirds. An expert lecture series focusing on the history, environment, and wildlife of Antarctica prepares you for the adventure ahead as the ship heads south into the open sea.





The animals in Antarctica are fearless when encountering humans since they have no land predators. They are as curious as you are, and there will be plenty of opportunities to take advantage of your mutual curiosity when we visit the resident colonies of chinstrap penguins at Deception Island and Half Moon Island; the gentoo penguin colonies at Yankee Harbour, Cuverville Island, Neko Harbour, and Paradise Harbour; the Adélie penguins at Peterman Island; and the huge icebergs in the Antarctic Sound, where you also meet leopard seals and killer whales. The sights, smells, and noise of these huge colonies will astound you - as will the hikes that explore some of the last untouched places on the planet.


Turning back, we will once again sail through Drake Passage, notorious among the early polar explorers, before debarking in Ushuaia.

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    Day 1 Arrival in Buenos Aires

    Location : Buenos Aires


    Unescorted overnight in Buenos Aires. Guests can explore the capital of Argentina with its colorful neighborhoods and beautiful parks.


    Temperature range Nov-Jan: 62 – 84°F


    Included: · One-night bed and breakfast at a centrally located three-star hotel


    Day 2  Fly to Ushuaia and embark the ship

    Location: Buenos Aires/Ushuaia - Flight & Embarkation


    Transfer from the hotel to the airport for an early morning flight to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world and where MS Fridtjof Nansen awaits. Once aboard the ship, guests join a mandatory safety drill before the Captain’s introduction and welcome dinner.


    Temperature range Nov-Jan: 38 – 58°F 


    Included transfers and flight:

    ·  Transfer from hotel to Buenos Aires airport

    ·  Flight in coach class from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

    ·  Transfer from Ushuaia airport to the ship


    Day 3-4 Sail the Drake Passage to Antarctica

    Location : Drake Passage


    The Drake Passage connects the Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern Oceans and is the shortest crossing to Antarctica. It is also nicknamed the ‘Drake Shake’ when the seas are stormy or the ‘Drake Lake’ when the waters are still. 


    While at sea, and provided conditions are calm, guests may be able to sight whales, dolphins, and sea birds such as albatrosses and petrels. Join lectures and watch films about Antarctica in the Science Center or spend time enjoying the ship’s infinity pool, hot tubs, gym, and Wellness Center.


    Day 5-9 Explore Antarctica

    Location : Antarctica


    Each day, we venture to one of 22 possible sites to go cruising in small boats and to make landings where guests are able to observe penguin colonies, seals, whales, glaciers, and icebergs up close.


    All aboard are invited to participate in lectures on glaciology, climate change, and marine biology. Guests can also engage in Citizen Science programs like photographing leopard seals and spotting whale tails that contribute directly to scientific research.


    Temperature range Nov-Jan: 25 – 41°F



    ·  Daily landings with short hikes to scenic or wildlife spots 

    ·  Small boat cruises near the ship and landing site

    ·  Lectures on a wide range of scientific topics


    Additional optional activities may include:

    ·  Kayaking near icebergs, and possibly seals and penguins

    ·  Longer small boat cruises to explore hard-to-reach areas

    ·  Guided longer hikes to scenic viewpoints

    ·  Camping ashore possibly with penguins

    ·  Snowshoeing through pristine snow fields

    ·  In-depth photography lessons


    Day 10-11 Bow Pointed North

    Location : Drake Passage


    The voyage from the Antarctic Peninsula to Ushuaia, at the very southern tip of Argentina, 600 miles and about 40 hours of sailing time in good weather.On our way back to civilization, we will continue our lecture series and recap our experiences of Antarctica.


    Day 12 Arrive in Ushuaia, disembark the ship, and fly back to Buenos Aires

    Location : Ushuaia/Buenos Aires - Disembarkation & Flight


    It’s time to return home via Ushuaia and Buenos Aires. Guests can extend their trip with a choice of excursions or a post-voyage program.


    Included transfers and flight:

    •      Transfer from the ship to Ushuaia airport

    •      Flight in coach class from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires