11 Nights The Ultimate Svalbard Expedition

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A journey around Spitsbergen gives you ample opportunity to explore all the aspects of this fascinating arctic island.


We aim at taking you well above the 80th parallel and placing you closer than 600 nautical miles from the Geographical North Pole. The expedition starts in Longyearbyen, a prime destination for adventure travellers. This Norwegian settlement is a unique place, where the arctic dominates all aspects of life in what has grown to become a surprisingly cosmopolitan town.


A truly untouched wilderness

During this voyage you will see some of the most spectacular fjords of Spitsbergen. The eastern part of Svalbard is divided into two large nature reserves. Combined, they represent one of the last largely untouched wildernesses in Europe. Traversing the large fjord east of Spitsbergen will give you spectacular views of the island’s east coast with hundreds of glaciers and mountains. If we are lucky we’ll meet some of Svalbard’s marine mammals like seal and walrus, and wherever there is ice there is a strong chance of spotting polar bears during this voyage!


More polar bears than humans

Within the Svalbard Archipelago there are about 2500 humans and 3000 polar bears. These solitary predators wander to wherever they can expect to find food. Whenever we are close to drift ice, there is a chance that a polar bear will use this as a platform when at sea. The polar bear is a marine mammal, so you are most likely to spot them close to water. In very rare occasions, dead whales or walrus drift ashore on Svalbard beaches. These tend to attract all kinds of wildlife – including polar bears. We often observe polar bears on our expeditions, but as with all things in nature, there are no absolute guarantees.

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Day 1 From 59º N to 78º N
Your trip starts with a flight from Oslo in the evening. Before your flight, enjoy the museums, parks and cafés of the Norwegian capital. On arrival in Longyearbyen, you will set foot in an entirely different world: a tiny town perched on the edge of the Arctic wilderness. Transfer to your hotel and overnight.


Day 2 The Norwegian Stronghold in the High Arctic
After an overnight stay, join an excursion to get to know this unique town after lunch. The mighty Arctic wilderness dominates life here, but Longyearbyen maintains a lively cultural life and serves as a prime destination for adventure travellers. Enjoy the atmosphere of this colorful frontier outpost before boarding your ship in the afternoon.


Day 3-5 Exploring Amazing Fjords with Fascinating History
The North West Corner is scattered with lovely islands, fjords and beaches, but such majestic sights can be blocked by heavy sea ice. We use all our expertise and 120 years of experience in these waters to try and navigate the ice in order to access areas for you to explore. One such site is Kongsfjorden, one of the most beautiful fjord areas in Spitsbergen, with mighty glaciers calving icebergs into the sea, framed by stunning mountain formations. We also plan to call on the former mining settlement of Ny-Ålesund, now an international centre for research, with a picturesque mix of old and new buildings. There will likely be many other exciting landings and scenic kayaking opportunities if we are able to move past the ice and go further north.


Day 6-8 Enjoy Expedition Days in the Arctic
Eastern Svalbard boasts the highest population of Expedition Team will be carefully analysing the density and movements of the sea ice using advanced sonar and live satellite imagery. They will then discuss together and decide where we can safely sail or land. This is what makes this cruise an expedition; it is a true, suspense-filled adventure into the Arctic’s great wilderness, negotiating and adapting to whatever elements nature challenges us with. Ultimately, it is the sea ice that will determine whether we can cross the 80th parallel and head further north to Sjuøyane (Seven Islands) at the extreme of the Svalbard archipelago. Again, depending on sea and weather conditions at the time, we will sail east of Nordaustlandet to Kvitøya, before continuing towards Edgeøya, the third largest island in the archipelago.


Day 9-10 The Expedition Continues
Our aim for these days is to navigate any sea ice and reach the southernmost tip of Spitsbergen. The varied geology here at Hornsund has created a dramatic and photogenic landscape. Ice pushed into the fjord early in the season also attracts polar bears  that hunt on the floes, so with a bit of luck, we may spot this magnificent predator.


Day 11 Fjord, Wilderness
We will spend the day exploring the Isfjord, the most prominent fjord system on Svalbard. In the inner parts of Isfjorden, the landscape changes constantly. The immense U-shaped valleys, carved out of the mountains by the giant glaciers that covered the area some ten thousand years ago, are home to large populations of the Svalbard reindeer.


Day 12 End of the Expedition
Our return to the colourful town of Longyearbyen marks the end of a remarkable voyage that brought us just a few hundred miles from the Geographical North Pole. Transfer to the airport for your flight back to Oslo.

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