12 Nights Antarctica Expedition

12 Nights Antarctica Expedition

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Gigantic tabular icebergs and magnificent wildlife sightings – undeterred, the HANSEATIC inspiration forges its path along the Antarctic Peninsula, through the narrow Lemaire Channel and the crystal-clear waters of the Neumayer Channel. Enjoy a more intensive experience of the Weddell Sea than on any other route: how far into this region will the HANSEATIC inspiration actually make it? The volcanic South Shetland Islands thrill with a contrast between ice, glaciers and fascinating fauna.

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    Day 1: Buenos Aires

    Charter flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia/Argentina, departure 18.00 hrs


    Day 2-3: Drake Passage


    Day 4-10: Antarctic Peninsula , Weddell Sea , South Shetland Islands


    Enjoy unforgettable moments when, for example, you set foot on the Antarctic mainland near to Paradise Bay. Snow-capped summits surround the bay, where icebergs drift and glaciers tower hundreds of metres above. The gigantic glacier cliffs, such as those of Neko Harbor, provide a unique backdrop. Gentoo penguins stretch as far as the eye can see, for example on Cuverville Island. One of the most impressive shipping passages in the world is the Lemaire Channel: mountains up to 1,000 m (3,281 ft) high line the strait of water. The Neumayer Channel and Port Lockroy provide panoramic views of glaciers that are no less breathtaking.

    When cruising in the Antarctic Sound, the deck becomes your front-row seat for unique natural spectacles, for example when water is suddenly parted by the fluke of a majestic whale. The Weddell Sea is home to breathtaking ice formations, some of which are as tall as a house and covered by Adelie penguins, and dense pack ice. How far can your expedition ship go? For example, in 1903, the Nordenskjold expedition was forced to wait ten months to be rescued on the volcanic Paulet Island. Today, the island is home to countless penguins and, like Devil Island, makes for a very lively spectacle.


    Day 11: At Sea


    Day 12: Cape Horn/Chile


    Day 13: Ushuaia/Argentina,

    Arrival 6.00 hrs. Charter flight to Buenos Aires