13 Nights Greenland and Spitsbergen: Fjords and Glaciers

13 Nights Greenland and Spitsbergen: Fjords and Glaciers


Sail into a part of the world few ever venture, as the nimble MS Expedition gives you a glimpse into the unspoiled wilderness of Greenland and Spitsbergen. Your adventure goes beyond the deck of the ship, with zodiacs and your own two feet taking you deeper into this glacial paradise. From exploring Northeast Greenland National Park to taking in frigid ocean horizons to a stop at the community of Ittoqqortoormiit, this journey shows you how those — whether person or polar bear — make the Arctic their home.

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    Day 1 Longyearbyen

    Longyearbyen can be spotted from above as a colourful collection of buildings set against the dramatic landscape of Norway's northern reaches. This small coal-mining town turned gateway to Arctic exploration offers visitors a look into life beyond the Arctic Circle. Get to know the locals and gear up for your expedition. Transfer from Longyearbyen to the G Expedition for a late afternoon embarkation.

    Meals included: Dinner


    Days 2-8 At Sea/Northeast Greenland National Park

    Spend several days exploring the massive fjord system of Northeast Greenland National Park. Head into Scorsbysund, the tree-like fjord system marked by winding branches of iceberg-dotted fjords. Sail through and land on some of the most spectacular fjord country in the world while exploring rarely visited glaciers, bays, and inlets. Here, in the vast, untouched wilderness of the park, you will be overwhelmed by the changing light of a polar sunrise or sunset draping the mountains in lavish colours. Dark nights allow for star-gazing and the possibility of spotting the aurora borealis when in calm waters. Occasionally, orca, humpback, or minke whales may be spotted, so keep a keen lookout. Bring your binoculars and dress for the polar chill. Be immersed in the full experience with educational lectures by expedition staff.

    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


    Day 9 Greenland Sea/Ittoqqortoormiit

    After several days traversing the far reaches of Greenland's awe-inspiring wilderness, visit the community of Ittoqortoormiit. Although small and far from other inhabited towns, the vibrance of life here is evident in the brightly coloured buildings, the eager Greenlandic husky puppies, the purr of the ATV engines racing along unpaved roads, and the warmth of the people who call Ittoqortoormiit home.

    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


    Days 10-13 Greenland Sea/Spitsbergen

    Take advantage of local ice and weather conditions to explore the Northwest Spitsbergen National Park, one of those rare places on Earth blessed with both an awe-inspiring landscape and compelling history. The Svalbard archipelago sits halfway between Norway and the North Pole, at the intersection of the Arctic Ocean, the Norwegian Sea, and the Greenland Sea. Fascinating flora and fauna populate the dramatic mountains and valleys of this island chain known by many early explorers as the last outpost en route to the North Pole.

    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


    Day 14 Spitsbergen/Longyearbyen

    On the departure day, there will be transfers available to the Longyearbyen airport for all passengers with flights scheduled.

    Meals included: Breakfast