12 Nights Russian’s Far East & Wrangel Island

12 Nights Russian’s Far East & Wrangel Island


This fascinating exploration of the remote Siberian coastline promises rich culture and an astounding wealth of wildlife. Meet indigenous artists known for their intricate walrus ivory carvings, take in dramatic bird cliffs teeming with puffins and guillemots, then forge farther north, well above the Arctic Circle to Wrangel Island Reserve. Spend several days in this pristine landscape that’s home to the highest density of ancestral polar bear dens, the world’s largest population of Pacific walrus, and an astonishing variety of plant life. And before this Russian Arctic expedition comes to an end witness one more site few get to see—an ancient, mysterious display of whale bones and skulls erected on Yttygran Island.      

  • DAY 1: Anchorage/Nome/Embark

    Fly to Nome via Anchorage. Embark National Geographic Orion in the afternoon and cross the Bering Strait. (D)


    DAY 2: Provideniya, Russian Federation

    At the western limit of the rich transboundary area known as Beringia, Provideniya is often called “The Gateway to the Arctic.” It’s also the administrative center where we will conduct our clearance into Russia. Visit the excellent museum, and witness a traditional Yupik dance performance. (B,L,D)


    DAY 3: Cape Dezhnev/Uelen Village

    Round Cape Dezhnev, the easternmost point of the Eurasian continent and if conditions permit, make a landing and hike to the lighthouse. Then continue to the nearby Chukchi and Yupik village of Uelen, a major artistic center of the region known for its exquisite walrus ivory carving. (B,L,D)


    DAY 4: Kolyuchin Island & Kolyuchin Bay

    Located on the northern Chukotka coast, Kolyuchin Inlet is an enormous tidal estuary that offers excellent hiking and birding opportunities. Nearby on Kolyuchin Island find nesting puffins and guillemots, and occasionally Pacific walruses hauled-out. Explore the area by Zodiac and, conditions permitting, go ashore. (B,L,D)


    DAY 5-8: Wrangel Island

    This UNESCO World Heritage site has the highest level of biodiversity in the High Arctic. Spend four fascinating days discovering the island’s abundant plant life and searching for polar bears, Pacific walrus, musk oxen, Arctic fox, gray whales, and 100 migratory bird species. You may also spot the bones and tusks of woolly mammoths jutting out from gravelly riverbeds—Wrangel Island was the last refuge for these ancient beasts. (B,L,D Daily)


    DAY 9-10: At Sea/Lorino Village

    Head back south from Wrangel Island and take advantage of the time at sea to attend informative talks, sort your photos, visit the Bridge to learn about navigation, or just relax and let the memories of the previous days soak in. At Lorino, the largest indigenous village in Chukotka, witness a dance performance and learn about traditional fishing, hunting and reindeer herding. (B,L,D Daily)


    DAY 11: Chukotka Coast/Provideniya

    Continuing our journey down the coast of the rugged Russian Far East, we’ll take advantage of the flexibility of our schedule to explore by Zodiac, kayak, and by foot. In Provideniya we’ll conduct our clearance formalities before heading east to Nome. (B,L,D)


    DAY 12: At Sea/Crossing the Bering Strait

    Spend the final day at sea, crossing one of the most iconic bodies of water on the planet. Linger on deck with binoculars in hand—the chances are great to spot whales and rare seabirds. (B,L,D)


    DAY 13: Nome/Disembark/Anchorage/Home

    Arrive in Nome this morning, transfer to the airport for your flight to Anchorage and onward. (B)