14 Nights Across the Top of the World


Embark on this extraordinary adventure to one of the world’s least visited coastlines: explore the isolated Wrangel and Herald islands as well as the North Eastern Siberian coastline. Only recently has it become possible to visit the area locked away from keen travellers by Russian politics and harsh natural conditions. 


Enjoy a sailing experience down the Bering Strait, reach Wrangel Island and explore the extraordinary Nature Reserve environment accompanied by a group of local rangers; meet the Arctic’s unique wildlife, including the mighty polar bears that visit the island to breed, but also walruses, reindeer and a great variety of birds. A true animal lovers dream! 


Learn about the island’s unique history and native heritage through a series of lectures and talks from our expedition team; several times a day, jump into Zodiacs and enjoy various landings, spot whales and impressive bird colonies and absorb the unique beauty of the Russian Far East!

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Day 1- Anadyr

Upon arrival into Anadyr, you will be transferred to the vessel, the Spirit of Enderby. Note: If you wish to depart from Nome in Alaska, you will cross the International Dateline the day before as you will be flying across the Bering Sea to Anadyr, your port of departure.


Day 2 - Anadyrskiy Bay

Today enjoy a series of briefing and lectures onboard. Take your time to get familiar with the ships and enjoy some ‘cetacean’ spotting along the way. In the afternoon we’ll take you on a Zodiac cruise along the spectacular cliffs of Preobrazheniya Bay, inhabited by impressive bird colonies.


Day 3 - Yttygran, Nuneangan and Arakamchechen islands

Visit Yttygran Island today. It is home to the large native site of Whale Bone Alley, where whale bones are scattered along the shores. The area is regularly visited by gray whales. We continue on to Nuneangan and Arakamchechen islands, home to many sea birds and walruses.


Day 4 – Cape Dezhnev & Uelen Village

If weather permits, this morning we aim to land at Cape Dezhnev, the most north-eastern point of the Eurasian continent. Visit the village of Uelen, one of the largest place in the world to Fnd traditional Chukchi and Inuit art. Enjoy some time spent in the village joined by hospitable Chukchi villagers and don’t miss the bone-caving workshops. Day 5 – Kolyuchin Island The island of Kolyuchin, once a major Russian Polar Research Station, features some impressive cliff tops and large colonies of puffins, guillemots and gulls.


Day 5 - Kolyuchin Island

The island of Kolyuchin, once a major Russian Polar Research Station, features some impressive cliff tops and large colonies of puffins, guillemots and gulls.


Days 6 to 10 – Wrangel & Herald Islands

Over the next few days (if ice and weather conditions permit it), spend some time visiting Wrangel and Herald Islands. Thanks to various shore landings, enjoy searching for wildlife, photographing wild Gowers and gazing at the pristine Arctic landscapes. If you’re lucky, spot polar bears in their natural habitat, along with musk ox and reindeer. We also visit Dragi Harbour where the Karluk was crushed by ice and its survivors stranded ashore.


Day 11 – North Siberian Coast

We continue on exploring, reaching the North Siberian Coast Flled with many lagoons and inlets. Keep an eye out for whales, walruses and other fascinating wildlife. Also visit Chukchi villages and learn how they live in such harsh climate conditions and hunt seals and whales, walking in their ancestors’ footsteps.


Day 12 Kolyuchin​​​​​​​ Inlet

We head for the inlet of Kolyuchin, more speciFcally to the entrance of the inlet, called Belaka Spit. The strangely stunning, untouched, desolate area is subject to tidal phenomena and is home to emperor geese, spoon-billed sandpipers but is also frequently visited by whales, feeding a few metres offshore.


Day 13 – Bering Strait & Chukotka Coast

Early this morning, our boat will sail pass the Diomede Islands, located across the International Date Line, between Russia and the USA. In the afternoon, we attempt to step foot on the shores of the Chutkotka coast and spend some time enjoying the wildlife and tundra.


Day 14 – At Sea - Anadyrskiy Bay

Today enjoy some relaxing time onboard as the ship sails across Anadyrskiy Bay towards Anadyr.


Day 15 – Anadyr

After breakfast, disembark and say goodbye to other passengers. A complimentary transfer to the airport or to your centrally-located hotel is included

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