14 Nights Chilean Fjords from Valparaiso to Ushuaia

14 Nights Chilean Fjords from Valparaiso to Ushuaia

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Chile’s northern and southern water systems present the story of the world’s creation like a gigantic history book. This cruise starts with the most beautiful chapter on fjords and fauna.

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Departure Date
  • Day 1 Valparaiso/Chile, departure 23.30 hrs


    Day 2 Relaxation at sea


    Day 3 Isla Mocha/Chile

    A feeling of great freedom and pioneering spirit are in the air as the HANSEATIC inspiration sets a course for natural spectacles and delves deep into Chile’s intricate system of fjords. You can get up-close to the countless passages and nautical challenges on the extensive outside decks, glass balconies and the deck tour at the bow. Let your yearning for adventure run wild, surrounded by snow- and ice-covered hills. Isolated, untouched, unspoilt – your cruise through the fjord landscape will give you an intensive experience of the varied flora and fauna. Improve your ornithological knowledge with an independent shore visit on Isla Mocha, an unspoilt nature reserve with more than 500 species of bird. Chile’s landscape presents the visual proof of the unbelievable energy in the Earth’s core where several tectonic plates meet.


    Day 4-7 Chile’s northern fjords (Chaiten, cruising through the northern fjords, Caleta Tortel, Puerto Eden, passing the Pio XI Glacier (Seno Eyre))

    You’ll be fired with enthusiasm by the three volcanoes in Chaiten that exemplify this primeval world. There is no limit to the awe-inspiring sights on our flexible expedition in Chile’s northern fjords; as we cruise, the captain and crew will select the most exciting routes to stunning experiences. The picturesque route to Caleta Tortel, the city of bridges – connected by walkways made of cypress wood that are 7.5 km (4.7 mi.) long – is very special. Meet the little more than 90 inhabitants in Puerto Eden, who live in the middle of “nowhere”. The excitement on board will increase as you enjoy the far-reaching views of majestic glaciers from the extensive outside decks. The Pio XI Glacier creates an outstanding impression as the largest ice mass in South America. With its bizarre craggy surface, it sparkles blue and white. You will glide between icebergs great and small as you take in the impressive views from a Zodiac.


    Day 8-11 Chile’s southern fjords (passing the Calvo Glacier and Amalia Glacier, passage through the Kirke Narrows, Puerto Natales, cruising through the Strait of Magellan)

    Chile’s southern fjords offer the extraordinary every day with thrilling glacier adventures. The HANSEATIC inspiration allows plenty of time for intensive experiences and observations on your cruise. The journey becomes the destination, as impressively reiterated by the passage through the Kirke Narrows – a route to Puerto Natales measuring just 100 m (328 ft) wide. The port city can often only be reached by plane, but with us, you are surrounded by nature and may even see dolphins, whales and seals during your excursions. One of Chile’s highlights, with mountains reaching 3,000 m (9,843 ft) at their peak, is the Torres del Paine National Park*. Over 100 different species, including rheas, flamingos and Andean condors, live between glittering waterfalls, extensive forests and shimmering aquamarine mountain lakes. A trek to the Base Las Torres* offers the opportunity to observe the natural surroundings whilst on the move.


    Day 12 Cruising in Bahia Ainsworth (Marinelli Glacier)

    Travelling in the wake of the first person to circumnavigate the globe, you will reach a seldom-visited destination, Bahia Ainsworth, via the famous Strait of Magellan. Be one of the few visitors to the fjord-like bay when your manoeuvrable expedition ship inches its way into the Almirantazgo Sound, affording you an impressive view of the majestic Marinelli Glacier.


    Day 13 Punta Arenas

    The pioneering spirit of the golden age of seafaring will bowl you over in Punta Arenas, too. From there, a hike through Magallanes National Reserve* will take you into a world of diverse flora. The fauna, on the other hand, will be the focus on a trip to see the Magellanic penguins on Isla Magdalena*. Thousands of the creatures congregate here at this time of year. Those who like to discover nature in a more active way will be in their element on a kayak tour of the Strait of Magellan*.


    Day 14. Cruising through the Beagle Channel, cruising off the Garibaldi Glacier

    The Beagle Channel also makes a display of natural beauty with a passage through “Glacier Alley”. Cruising off the Garibaldi Glacier with its blue, shimmering tongue of ice will be a definite highlight of this cruise. Your curiosity has brought you to Chile’s wonderland of creation, and you will return with deep insights.


    Day 15. Ushuaia/Argentina, arrival 6.00 hrs Charter flight to Buenos Aires

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