14 Nights Expedition to Southwest Greenland

14 Nights Expedition to Southwest Greenland


Welcome to the green land of ice! Following in the footsteps of the Vikings and the Inuit culture, this route paints a multifaceted picture of the Nordic world – crowned by the icy Disko Bay.

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Departure Date
  • Day 1 Reykjavik/Iceland, departure 20.00 hrs


    Day 2 Grundarfjordhur, from 7.00 to 15.00 hrs

    Silence, the vast expanse and Nordic serenity: start your Greenland expedition with another island full of character: Iceland. Volcanoes, the wind and the sea have all left their mark on the scenery. Set off from the small fishing town of Grundarfjordhur to explore the dramatic landscape of the Snaefellsnes peninsula*. Take a snowcat up to around 1,400 m (4,593 ft) on Snaefellsjokull for a glacier experience*. The volcano certainly made an impression on Jules Verne, who used it as the starting point of Journey to the Center of the Earth. For you, this is the prologue to a very personal adventure story.


    Day 3. Relaxation at sea


    Day 4. Cruising through Prince Christian Sound (depending on ice)

    Thrilling chapters await when you follow in the footsteps of the Norsemen and set a course for Greenland. Erik the Red landed on its south coast more than 1,000 years ago. Feel the pioneering spirit as your small expedition ship forges its path through Prince Christian Sound. This ice-covered waterway is filled with spectacular mountains and mighty glaciers. Perhaps you’ll catch your first glimpse of a whale! This cruise presents plenty of whale-watching opportunities.


    Day 5-13 South and west coast of Greenland (including Qaqortoq, Igaliko, Arsukfjord, Nuuk, Evigedsfjord, Qeqertarsuaq, Uummannaq, Storoen, Eqip Sermia Glacier, Ilulissat, Disko Bay)

    Qaqortoq will take you back in time with many magical old houses from the period around 1775 when the town was founded. A small museum provides fascinating information about the Viking legacy and the Inuit culture. Surrounded by green meadows and snow-covered mountains, the small village of Igaliko played an important historical role: in the twelfth century, this was the seat of a bishop with an unusually large cathedral for the time. Today, the ruins are a fascinating relic from the Norse era. Timeless beauty awaits you in Arsukfjord. Go on a hike with your experts and cast your gaze over blooming tundra and picturesque glacier panoramas. Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, is the heart of the nation, where Inuit traditions and modern life come together in the charming Greenlandic manner. The national museum offers fascinating insights into the country’s history and geology. Almost 100 km (62 mi.) long, Evigedsfjord is like an open-air stage with steep cliff walls rising up around it. The Zodiacs will take you ashore for hikes through the vast, untouched landscape. Qeqertarsuaq presents a stunning contrast to the dark mountain backdrop with small, colourful houses by the water. Enter the town through the whalebone gateway to explore Godhavn – the “good harbour”, Qeqertarsuaq’s translation – or wander through the Arctic tundra to the Windy Valley. The island of Uummannaq is shaped by a mountain with two peaks and a vast fjord system. Typical turf huts in the town centre are a reminder of the traditional Inuit lifestyle. The desert isle of Storoen is a northern geological treasure. Once you land with the Zodiacs, your experts will spend your hike explaining the bizarre natural surroundings reminiscent of a lunar landscape and how garnet crystals and glacial striations develop. Greenland’s character is shaped by majestic high mountains and breathtaking glaciers. Around 7 km (4 mi.) wide, the glacier cliff of the Eqip Sermia Glacier is particularly impressive. Go ashore on the opposite bank and marvel at this sheer white wall. The imposing mountainous landscape of Ilulissat offers stunning views on a hike along the ice fjord. Can’t believe your eyes? Disko Bay will provide even more memorable moments. Ice sculptures in all manner of forms drift slowly through the vast area. Enjoy this natural spectacle from your front-row seat on deck – or take a Zodiac ride to the centre of the action. Illuminated by the sunlight, the ice gleams in a fascinating play of colours from white to azure blue. There is simply no better and more beautiful way to end your Greenland cruise.


    Day 14. Relaxation at sea


    Day 15. Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, arrival 6.00 hrs Charter flight from Kangerlussuaq to Germany**


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