16 Nights Greenland Expedition

16 Nights Greenland Expedition

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Greenland’s raw beauty captivates, from calving glaciers and scenic fjords lined with soaring, sheer cliffs to hot springs and wildflowers. Look for whales, seabirds and seals, and discover Norse history and Viking lore on the trail of Erik the Red.


Journeying to Earth’s most remote polar regions and faraway destinations, these are true expert-led expedition voyages, combining rugged adventure and Zodiac landings with rare discovery, extraordinary wildlife and stunning landscapes few have ever seen.

  • Day 1-2 Reykjavik

    Isolated in a northern landscape of icy tranquility, Iceland is a land of volcanoes, hot springs, mountains and glaciers. As the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík reflects this natural diversity with ancient maritime history as well as a thriving modern energy and sophistication.


    Day 3 Crusing the Denmark Strait


    Day 4 Sermiligarq, Greenland

    An alluring village named for its proximity to a number of natural glaciers, including Knud Rasmussen Glacier and Kârale Glacier, “the beautiful glacier fjord” is home to a mere 200 inhabitants. Located on a peninsula on Greenland’s coast, it is a prime fishing and hunting settlement rife with seals, narwhals and polar bears. The milky blue hue of the fjord’s waters, untouched natural landscapes and kayaking opportunities make this an unforgettable experience.


    Day 4 Knud Rasmussen Glacier

    Greenland’s majestic Knud Rasmussen Glacier, located in the rugged northeastern region of the country, is situated alongside equally vast Karale Glacier – two giants of cracking and calving ice that, together, create one of the most awe-inspiring sights in all of Greenland.


    Day 4 Tasiilaq, Greenland

    The largest town in East Greenland, Tasiilaq is known for its calving glacier and immense floating icebergs. The Sermilik Fjord, the second largest in all of Greenland, is best explored by boat tour, kayak, or by hiking the mountains where the famed Valley of Flowers is blooming with arctic thyme, dandelion and the broad-leafed willow. Whale watching, dog sledding, skiing and snow shoeing are favorite pastimes here.


    Day 5 Sermilik Glacier


    Day 6 Skjoldungen, Greenland

    Bordered by rugged white peaks, dwarf birch and willow forests, as well as arctic wildflowers, this scenic fjord was inhabited by the Paleo-Eskimo nomadic people for thousands of years. Remains of abandoned Inuit dwellings still dot the western shore. Discover countless tidewater glaciers calving into the fjord and seracs (free-standing pillars of ice) while cruising along its scenic waters.


    Day 7 Prince Christian Sound East


    Day 8 Narsarmijit, Greenland

    Rocky shores and colorfully painted homes line the terrain of the southernmost settlement in Greenland. Founded in 1824 as Frederiksdal, located near Cape Thorvaldsen and 31 miles north of Cape Farewell, this city is lies in the easternmost area of the Norse settlements during their colonization of Greenland.


    Day 8 Tasermiut, Greenland

    Home to South Greenland’s largest hanging glacier and some of the most challenging big walls for climbing in the world, untouched valleys, scenic cruising sites, and 6,500-plus-foot summits mark the landscape here. The Ulamertorsuaq and the Nalumasortoq each rival the skill needed to summit Yosemite’s El Capitan and are most enjoyably reached by trekking along the shore where views of a former Viking settlement are a sight to behold.


    Day 9 UUnartoq, Greenland

    Bask in a restorative soak in the natural hot springs amid verdant grassy landscapes and vertical mountain peaks. This uninhabited, remote island in southern Greenland overlooks views of icebergs and often times, humpback whales bobbing along the fjord.


    Day 10 Qaqortoq, Greenland

    Vibrantly painted houses dot the harbor of South Greenland’s largest town. This picturesque colonial town of approximately 3,000 inhabitants is best explored by foot. Discover quaint squares, the “Stone and Man” sculpture park, Norseman history at the Qaqortoq Museum, and Greenland’s oldest fountain.


    Day 11 Igaliku, Greenland

    A rolling valley lush with flora, tall snow-covered mountains, and a swath of sandstone houses frame the backdrop of Greenland’s oldest sheep farming settlement. Hiking trails offer encounters with the Qooroq icefjord, farm visits, and the old Episcopal residence with its one-thousand-year-old irrigation system, still in use today.


    Day 12 Narsarsuaq, Greenland

    Stand in the place where Erik the Red and Viking settlers stood over a millennium ago. This is the land where Norse Vikings gave Greenland its name and where the New World’s first Christian church was built. Today, there’s an airfield close by. Turquoise icebergs and the deep verdant Valley of Flowers give way to the Greenland ice sheet above which eagles and hawks soar. Hiking, biking, sailing, fishing, or simply taking a rest on scenic beaches are all worth the journey to this fabled locale.


    Day 13 Kangilinnguit, Greenland

    This modest settlement and location of a former naval base (and current Danish navy headquarters) lies at the mouth of Arsuk Fjord. A collection of colorful houses lines the rocky terrain along the water's edge. From here, one can reach nearby Ivittuut on the only asphalted road in all of Greenland.


    Day 14 Nuuk, Greenland

    Centered amid scenic landscapes capped by mountains, Greenland’s largest city and capital is where age-old traditions, edgy architecture, haute cuisine, and diverse peoples live in harmony. It’s just as enjoyable to stroll the colonial harbor and ascend to the lookout for captivating sunset views over Myggedalen as it is to shop the boutiques, sample a strong coffee, visit the NUUK Art Museum, or settle into a local drinking hole for a craft beer along Imaneq Street.


    Day 15 Scenic Crusing Nuuk Fjord


    Day 16 Kangerlussaq, Greenland

    Summer is the season of the midnight sun. It is easy to lose one’s sense of time while exploring the gateway to Greenland. As the country’s only inland town, the adventurous spirit finds plenty to pursue on the massive ice cap nearby and at the mouth of the fjord. Visit the Kangerlussaq Museum to uncover the town’s history as a U.S. Air Force base or kayak in one of the backcountry’s lakes during the region’s endless days.


    Day 17 Kangerlussaq, Greenland Disembarkation