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19/20 Nights South Georgia, Falklands & Antarctic
  • 19/20 Nights South Georgia, Falklands & Antarctic


    Combine Falkland Islands~Malvinas with the dazzling scenery and wildlife of South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula for a truly unforgettable voyage. The Falklands~Malvinas offers rich history, sensational landscapes and outstanding bird-watching opportunities. Even though you’ve seen it countless times on television, nothing compares with personally hearing, smelling, and seeing the magnitude of South Georgia’s massive king penguin colonies and beaches alive with fur seals and elephant seals, fighting, mating, breeding, and suckling. In the Antarctic Peninsula, Zodiac-cruises reveal hunting orcas, calving glaciers, humpbacks feeding, and penguins fledging; it’s an action-filled environment where every creature is fighting to survive.