17 Nights Chilean Fjords, Antarctica and Falklands

17 Nights Chilean Fjords, Antarctica and Falklands

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Starting with an overnight stay at a hotel in Santiago de Chile, you will meet your expedition ship in Punta Arenas. The journey south begins among steep mountains, green valleys flourishing with life, and glaciers in the Chilean fjords before we sailthrough the extremely narrow Canal Gabriel and into the Garibaldi Fjord. Here we take our small boats out for a closer look at the two glaciers at the end of the fjord and the wildlife here.


If the weather is favorable we will land on Cape Horn . As we sail in the open sea you will start seeing Antarctic penguins and icebergs in the water, and maybe even whales as well, as we are sailing into the most remote area of the world.


In Antarctica, you can join our Expedition Team on landings that includevisits to the most interesting places, looking at thousands of penguins and seals, and kayaking.


Heading north, we will spend several days at the Falkland Islands experiencing everything from red buses and English pubs in the capital of Stanley to white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, old shipwrecks, and the bird paradise of Carcass Island. Here we use our small boats go ashore for exploring, hiking, or takinga closer look at birds such as several species of duck, geese, penguins, albatross, caracaras, and wrens.


After completing the loop of the Magellan Strait we disembark in Punta Arenas.

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    Day 1 Exciting and Diverse
    Location : Santiago de Chile, Chile


    Unescorted overnight in Santiago de Chile. There is a lot to discover in Chile’s capital, be it the Andean glaciers and mountains at the edges of the city or the colonial architecture and artistic neighborhoods that line the Mapacho River.


    Temperature range Nov-Jan: 48 – 86°F 



    ·  One-night bed and breakfast at a centrally located three-star hotel


    DAY 2 Embarking the Expedition
    Location : Santiago de Chile and Punta Arenas, Chile


    Transfer from the hotel to the airport for a flight to Punta Arenas, where MS Roald Amundsen awaits. Once aboard the ship, guests join a mandatory safety drill before the Captain’s introduction and welcome dinner.


    Temperature range Nov-Jan: 41 – 57°F 


    Included transfers and flight:

    ·  Transfer from hotel to Santiago airport

    ·  Flight in coach class from Santiago to Punta Arenas

    ·  Transfer from Punta Arenas airport to the ship


    DAY 3 The Astounding Fjords of Chile
    Location : Chilean fjords


    From Punta Arenas, the ship journeys south through the Magellan Strait and into the wild and remote Beagle Channel. Guests will be able to admire the stunning scenery as we sail past a maze of islands, mountains, and fjords. 


    They may also be able to spot colonies of Magellanic penguins on the beaches together with lounging elephant seals. In the water, migrating blue, grey, and humpback whales, orcas, and playful dolphins may also be seen.


    Temperature range Jan-Feb: 41 – 57°F


    DAYS 4-5 Cape Horn and the Famed Drake Passage
    Location : Drake Passage


    Exiting the Beagle Channel, we turn due south towards Antarctica, passing the iconic Cape Horn, the southernmost point of South America. Before the Panama Canal, ships had to pass this infamous rocky island in order to cross between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Depending on sea and weather conditions, we will attempt to make a landing on Cape Horn, at the Captain’s discretion.


    The Drake Passage connects the Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern Oceans and is the shortest crossing to Antarctica. It is also nicknamed the ‘Drake Shake’ when the seas are stormy or the ‘Drake Lake’ when the waters are still.


    While at sea, and provided conditions are calm, guests may be able to sight whales, dolphins, and sea birds such as albatrosses and petrels. Join lectures and watch films about Antarctica in the Science Center or spend time enjoying the ship’s infinity pool, hot tubs, gym, and Wellness Center.


    DAYS 6-11 Antarctica – Impossible to Describe
    Location : Antarctica


    Each day, we venture to one of 22 possible sites to go cruising in small boats and to make landings where guests are able to observe penguin colonies, seals, whales, glaciers, and icebergs up close.


    All aboard are invited to participate in lectures on glaciology, climate change, and marine biology. Guests can also engage in Citizen Science programs like photographing leopard seals and spotting whale tails that contribute directly to scientific research.


    Temperature range Nov-Jan: 25 – 39°F



    ·  Daily landings with short hikes to scenic or wildlife spots 

    ·  Small boat cruises near the ship and landing site

    ·  Lectures on a wide range of scientific topics


    Additional optional activities may include:

    ·  Kayaking near icebergs, and possibly seals and penguins

    ·  Longer small boat cruises to explore hard-to-reach areas

    ·  Guided longer hikes to scenic viewpoints

    ·  Camping ashore possibly with penguins

    ·  Snowshoeing through pristine snow fields

    ·  In-depth photography lessons


    DAY 12-13 Lectures and Wildlife-Watching from the Deck
    Location : At Sea


    As we return to open water, guests will have time to learn more in the Science Center, attend lectures, enjoy the ship’s infinity pool, hot tubs, gym, and Wellness Center, or just relax while bird and whale watching out on deck.


    DAY 14-16 Explore the Falklands
    Location : Falkland Islands


    The Falkland Islands are a British Overseas Territory and guests can enjoy a pint of beer in one of the many typically English local pubs in the capital of Stanley. The ship will try to call at New Island, to the west of the Falkland archipelago and characterized by beautiful white sand beaches. It is a habitat for Gentoo, Magellanic, and Rockhopper penguins, the black-browed albatross, and peregrine falcons.We may also visit Carcass Island. Its steep cliffs and pretty coves attract rich bird life such as various species of songbirds, ducks, geese, caracaras, and wrens. 


    Temperature range Nov-Jan: 39 – 57°F 



    ·  Stanley self-guided walk (1-2 hrs)

    ·  Daily landings with short hikes to scenic or wildlife spots 

    ·  Small boat cruises near the ship and landing site

    ·  Lectures on a wide range of scientific topics


    Included activity: Stanley self guided walk (1 - 2 hrs) - Take a short self-guided walk to get insight into life in the Falklands. Start at the historic Jubilee Villa gardens where local flora and fauna are found, stroll along Ross Road and visit Christchurch cathedral and the Whalebone Arch before proceeding to the Historic Dockyard Museum. Take the tour as part of a group or on an individual basis.


    DAY 17 The Magellan Strait
    Location : At Sea


    We now return to Punta Arenas, completing our loop of the Magellan Strait. While at sea, guests may be able to sight whales, dolphins, and sea birds such as albatrosses and petrels. Join lectures in the Science Center or spend time enjoying the ship’s infinity pool, hot tubs, gym, and Wellness Center.


    DAY 18 The End of the Expedition
    Location : Punta Arenas/Santiago de Chile


    It’s time to return home via Punta Arenas and Santiago de Chile. Guests can extend their trip with a choice of excursions or a post-voyage program.


    Included transfers and flight:

    •      Transfer from the ship to Punta Arenas airport

    •      Flight in coach class from Punta Arenas to Santiago de Chile

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