17 Nights Chilean Fjords, Antarctica and Falklands

17 Nights Chilean Fjords, Antarctica and Falklands

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Starting with an overnight stay at a hotel in Santiago de Chile, you will meet your expedition ship in Punta Arenas. The journey south begins among steep mountains, green valleys flourishing with life, and glaciers in the Chilean fjords before we sailthrough the extremely narrow Canal Gabriel and into the Garibaldi Fjord. Here we take our small boats out for a closer look at the two glaciers at the end of the fjord and the wildlife here.


If the weather is favorable we will land on Cape Horn . As we sail in the open sea you will start seeing Antarctic penguins and icebergs in the water, and maybe even whales as well, as we are sailing into the most remote area of the world.


In Antarctica, you can join our Expedition Team on landings that includevisits to the most interesting places, looking at thousands of penguins and seals, and kayaking.


Heading north, we will spend several days at the Falkland Islands experiencing everything from red buses and English pubs in the capital of Stanley to white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, old shipwrecks, and the bird paradise of Carcass Island. Here we use our small boats go ashore for exploring, hiking, or takinga closer look at birds such as several species of duck, geese, penguins, albatross, caracaras, and wrens.


After completing the loop of the Magellan Strait we disembark in Punta Arenas.