17/18 Nights Expedition Canadian Arctic and Greenland Expedition

17/18 Nights Expedition Canadian Arctic and Greenland Expedition


Continue the pioneering feats of the legendary explorers Knud Rasmussen, Robert Edwin Peary and William Baffin: wonder and adventure await between Canada and Greenland.

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    For Aug 5 2023 Departure -


    Day 1 Charter flight from Germany* to KangerlussuaqKangerlussuaq/Greenland, departure 21.00 hrs


    Day 2 Relaxation at sea


    Day 3 Uummannaq/Greenland

    The fascination of the Arctic is almost impossible to convey through travel reports or films. It needs to be experienced first-hand – and the HANSEATIC inspiration makes this possible. The largest island in the world greets you with the Greenlandic welcome of “Tikilluarit” and opens the doors to exciting adventures. Your first stop is Uummannaq with its colourful houses and the striking backdrop of a heart-shaped mountain shimmering in red. Venture further north in the wake of former pioneers and visit places where polar explorers made history – now you can add your own chapter to the tales of adventure. Take a look behind the white curtain of the Canadian Arctic and unlock its intriguing secrets. The ship is perfectly equipped – with the highest ice class for passenger ships and the many years of experience of the captain and crew.


    Day 4 - 8 North Canadian Arctic (Baffin Island, Devon Island, southern coast of Ellesmere Island)

    Baffin Island is filled with the pioneering spirit of its namesake William Baffin. On the flexible course, the HANSEATIC inspiration will take time to explore the deep fjords, high cliffs, lakes and glaciers that shape the scenery. Enjoy first-hand and active experiences with Zodiac rides and landings. Dreams of exploration come true here in places such as Icy Arm and Walker Arm. The largest uninhabited island on earth, Devon Island, is craggy, dry and red-soiled. In Dundas Harbor (Nunavut), an abandoned station of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police bears silent witness to the isolation. Keep a lookout for musk oxen and Arctic hares against the striking cliff backdrop. Which species will make an appearance? The HANSEATIC inspiration will continue north to reach the southern coast of Ellesmere Island. On the glaciated island, rock formations tell of an ancient sea that existed 400 million years ago, which was displaced by the land masses over time. Discover unique Arctic panoramas in the clear polar air with Zodiac landings and hikes, for instance in Fram Fjord and Starnes Fjord.


    Day 9-10 Smith Sound and Nares Strait

    The route north takes you to Smith Sound between Greenland and Canada. How far can the ship go here? The landing on Pim Island is another challenging feat. If the gamble pays off, you will feel the drama of the Greely expedition, which fell victim to the icy winter of 1884 on the small, rocky island. With a little luck, you might see some polar bears from the deck. In 1909, American polar explorer Robert Edwin Peary travelled through the more northerly Nares Strait to become the first person to reach the North Pole. What this region means today will become clear as you reach Hans Island: Canada and Denmark have been laying claim to the island for years – and to rights for fishing and oil production.


    Day 11-14 North-west coast of Greenland (including Etah, Siorapaluk, Cape York)

    Barely any other ships sail the waters of Northwest Greenland, so it is a privilege to explore these places that are beyond the reach of most people. Are you excited by the idea of going to the North Pole? In the 20th century, you would have reached the geomagnetic pole in Etah. Today, it lies further west. However, this deserted place in the vast landscape will still draw your pioneering spirit like a magnet. Knud Rasmussen and Robert Edwin Peary had base camps here. Perhaps you might spot whales and seals as your route continues to Siorapaluk. Greenland’s most northerly settlement lies directly on the fjord, surrounded by mighty sandstone mountains in shades of light red and purple. In Qaanaaq, pick up the trail of the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen again, who started numerous expeditions in the region. In Cape York, the Zodiacs will take you to explore icebergs set in spectacular scenery.


    Day 15. Relaxation at sea


    Day 16-17 Western coast of Greenland (Ilulissat, Disko Bay, Sisimiut)

    The impressive glacier in Ilulissat is a colossal natural sculpture. A hike with your experts will take you to see the icebergs it produces. A very special spectacle in Disko Bay takes the experience to a new level as breathtaking ice formations drift slowly through the water – with you at the centre as you cruise or take a Zodiac ride. Sisimiut provides diverse insights into Nordic life, where the museum village and another hike trace the millennia-old Inuit culture. By the end of this expedition, the once blank pages of your personal logbook will be brimming with your new Arctic experiences.


    Day 18 Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, arrival 6.00 hrs Charter flight from Kangerlussuaq to Germany



    For Aug 23 2023 Departure -

    Day 1  Charter flight from Germany* to Kangerlussuaq
    Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, departure 21.00 hrs 


    Day 2  Relaxation at sea / Cruising through Baffin Bay


    Day 3-7  Canadian Arctic  (Baffin Island, Devon Island, Beechey Island)

    Immerse yourself in the mythical vastness, ice and adventure on an expedition that is a first for the HANSEATIC inspiration. On the route north, entirely new experiences will fill the once blank pages of your personal logbook of discovery. Your first destination is Baffin Island, where the scene is set by deep fjords, high cliffs, lakes and glaciers. Get up close to the wilderness in a Zodiac and when hiking to glacial moraines. Experience the drama of nature, for instance in the fjord landscapes of Icy Arm and Walker Arm. A small ship such as the HANSEATIC inspiration and its Zodiacs are the only way to explore these regions and the largest uninhabited island on earth, Devon Island. This Mars-like landscape is used by NASA as a research area for space missions. In Dundas Harbor (Nunavut), an abandoned station of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police bears silent witness to the isolation. Adventure and history await you on Beechey lsland too, as you investigate the risks once taken in the Northwest Passage with your experts. Three members of the 1845 Franklin expedition found their final resting place here. Pay homage to them and rekindle their courage and fate as you go ashore.


    Day 8  Relaxation at sea/cruising through Lancaster Sound and Lady Ann Strait

    Your manoeuvrable expedition ship continually follows in the wake of famous pioneers who gave their names to many places – such as Lancaster Sound. Its namesake Sir James Lancaster hoped to find a Northwest Passage here. In Lady Ann Strait, towering cliffs line the shores. These regions once took explorers to their limits – today, the HANSEATIC inspiration sails them with comfort and safety.


    Day 9-14  Northern Canadian Arctic  (Jones Sound, cruising through the Cardigan Strait or Hell Gate, western coast of Ellesmere Island with Norwegian Bay, Eureka, Axel Heiberg Island)

    What route will the ice open up through the northern Canadian Arctic? The captain and crew will respond flexibly to the local conditions. The highest ice class for passenger ships means that the HANSEATIC inspiration can make its way north. Exactly how far remains to be seen. Only nature knows the answer. When your ship visits Jones Sound, the clear polar air is filled with the cries of thick-billed murres and kittiwakes. Musk oxen often spend time on the coasts – if you’re lucky you might spot them during a shore excursion or from the many open deck spaces. What route will your expedition ship take? Through Cardigan Strait or Hell Gate? More fascinating experiences are promised by the rarely visited western coast of Ellesmere Island. The world’s tenth-largest island has been a national park since 1985 and will take your breath away with views of spectacular mountain peaks and glacier formations. Nature and experiences abound as you cruise in Norwegian Bay – keep a lookout for mighty bearded seals, which can weigh up to 300 kg (47 st). Around 1,000 km (621 mi.) from the North Pole, Eureka is the most northerly weather station in the world. Perhaps the station manager will grant you an exclusive visit. Axel Heiberg Island provides a base for Arctic animals and a perfect place for our Zodiacs to explore. Arctic hares, musk oxen, Arctic foxes and polar bears live here. You’ll write the last entries in your explorer’s logbook on Greenland’s western coast.


    Day 15  Relaxation at sea


    Day 16-18 Western coast of Greenland  (Uummannaq, Ilulissat, Disko Bay, Sisimiut)

    You could fill whole pages with the fascinating details of the Inuit culture that your experts will share – for instance in Uummannaq. Colourful wooden houses lie scenically at the foot of a heart-shaped mountain. A hike to the ice fjord will demonstrate just how active the glacier near Ilulissat is, with its countless towering icebergs. The famous Disko Bay rounds off the mesmerising experience, where mighty masses of ice drift slowly through the water. Marvel at the sparkling scenery from the ship or from a Zodiac. Man-made artworks will delight you in the centre of Sisimiut. As you explore the museum village or embark on another hike with your experts on the trail of millennia-old Inuit culture, there will be one word to sum up this premiere route: unforgettable.


    Day 19 Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, arrival 6.00 hrs 
    Charter flight from Kangerlussuaq to Germany*



    * Depending on the flight schedule, it may be necessary to change the airports of departure and arrival.

    A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition to the Arctic. The captain will decide on the best-possible alternative depending on weather and ice conditions and official approval.