18 Nights Expedition Spitsbergen, Iceland and Greenland


Three islands hidden in the far north: embark on a voyage of discovery with the HANSEATIC nature between mountain peaks and icy seas.

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Departure Date

Day 1: Tromsoe/Norway, departure 18.00 hrs


Day 2: Relaxation at sea


Day 3-6: Spitsbergen (including Ny-Alesund, Moellerhafen, Moffen, Liefdefjord, Magdalenefjord)

Majestic and radiant, this Nordic dream destination lies before you as though intoxicated by its own beauty: Spitsbergen’s wilderness is unique terrain for passionate explorers. With the highest ice class for passenger ships and a crew with polar experience, the HANSEATIC nature sets a course for the north-west of this fascinating island group. The Zodiacs will provide plenty of intensive expedition moments when you explore the untouched natural surroundings – a habitat for Arctic foxes, seals, whales and polar bears. In this remote region, you can feel the expedition history in the air – and questions of what the future will bring: in Ny-Alesund, one of the world’s most northerly settlements, researchers focus on the consequences of climate change. The HANSEATIC nature’s flexible route will also explore Moellerhafen. Here you will visit “Lloyd’s Hotel”, a former refuge for explorers in a stunning landscape, with an experienced polar bear lookout. Unforgettable wildlife sightings also await you on the small island of Moffen, where imposing walruses like to relax. Watch sparkling ice formations as they drift past the ship, and not only on the mighty Liefdefjord. When the Monaco Glacier calves into the inlet, nature lovers and photographers will be in their element. Meanwhile, a reverent silence will accompany your visit to the Magdalenefjord with its historic whalers’ graves.


Day 7-9: Relaxation at seaPassing Jan Mayen

As you pass Jan Mayen, the monumental Beerenberg will rise up 2,277 m (7,470 ft) from the active volcanic island. This is the first sign of one of the Arctic Circle’s “hotheads”: Iceland.


Day 10: Reykjavik/Iceland, from 8.00 to 19.00 hrs

Reykjavik is bursting with artistic creativity and raw beauty – and with diverse scenery, as you will discover on the tour of The Golden Circle – Gullfoss waterfall and the geysers*: Thingvellir National Park is just as fascinating as the erupting geysers and Gullfoss waterfall. See the glaciers and volcanoes on a flight over the island of fire and ice* and explore the landscape while riding Icelandic horses*.


Day 11: Relaxation at sea


Day 12: Eastern coast of Greenland (Skjoldungen Sound)

In Greenland, the shores of Skjoldungen Sound, which you will reach in the Zodiacs, are rich in native vegetation. As you hike before the impressive mountain ranges, the experts will draw your attention to rare plants in the blooming tundra.


Day 13: Cruising through Prins Christian Sund (depending on ice)

As you cruise through the ice-covered Prins Christian Sund, colourful fishing huts will be reflected in the waters, which are fed by the glaciers. As so often on your expedition, keep your eyes and ears open: a cry of “whale up ahead!” could sound from the bridge at any time.


Day 14-18: Western coast of Greenland (including Arsukfjord, Nuuk, Disko Bay, Sisimiut)

In Arsukfjord, weathered houses recall bygone times: this small mining settlement has been abandoned but provides a home to musk oxen which, with a little luck, you will see. After your experiences of Greenlandic nature, Nuuk reveals its almost European flair between its modern centre and historic colonial harbour. The national museum paints a vivid picture of Inuit history. Back in the polar expanse, one of your Zodiac rides will present what is perhaps Greenland’s greatest natural spectacle in the shimmering icy world of Disko Bay. The remarkable old town of Sisimiut provides a variety of insights. After visiting this “museum village”, you will walk to a small bay used for whaling in the 17th century. Stop and reflect on the events of your expedition: you will never forget these three islands in the far north.


Day 19: Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, arrival 6.00 hrs Charter flight from Kangerlussuaq to Duesseldorf**


** Depending on the flight schedule, it may be necessary to change the destination airport for the return flight.

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