4 Days Guided Nunavut Northern Lights Tour (Land)

4 Days Guided Nunavut Northern Lights Tour (Land)


Get a taste of the Arctic way of life and experience the magic of the northern lights as they dance across the night sky during a stay in the True North. Travel to Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital, from Ottawa on a short 3-hour flight and experience a truly magical sight. Led by a trip leader who lives and breathes the great outdoors, you’ll develop a genuine and sincere appreciation for the Arctic.


Your itinerary combines the best of the aurora season and Iqaluit’s top highlights and attractions. Our goal is for you to have full days of discovery and then, relax and keep an eye out for northern lights in the evening sky in our secluded aurora viewing location just outside of town. A warm tent, or even a heated atrium, to escape from the elements should you need a little break and enjoy a hot drink while watching one of Mother Nature’s most captivating shows.

  • Day 1

    Arrive in Iqaluit from Ottawa, where a host will meet you and bring you to your hotel. After getting settled into your room and enjoying lunch, join our host as we visit Nunavut Sealing, where you will learn about Nunavut’s sealing tradition, and it’s importance to the Inuit culture. Following, you will have the option to enjoy free time on your own or join our Expedition Leader on a tour of the Coast Guard.


    Dinner will be a catered affair at the Whitehouse, a beautiful waterfront home, with a local chef who will prepare a fantastic meal of ‘country food,’ locally sourced traditional ingredients, accompanied with southern ingredients for the modern culinary palette. You will have the opportunity to dress in some traditional Inuit clothing and capture a photo for your album.


    After dinner, your host will escort you to our Aurora-viewing location just outside of town.


    Our outdoor viewing experiences will always allow you to warm up in one of our tents and enjoy a hot drink and snacks while the lights dance overhead! It’s here that our Aurora photo expert will provide a photography clinic to ensure that you capture the best images during your stay. Don’t forget your tripod!


    After your Aurora viewing, you will be brought back to your hotel for a great night’s sleep.


    Day 2

    After breakfast, we will conduct a half-day tour of Iqaluit. Enjoy the sights and sounds while we visit a variety of Iqaluit’s attractions and highlights, including the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum, Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre, Inuit Art Gallery, the original Hudson’s Bay Company Trading Post, and Apex (the original community just outside of Iqaluit).


    Lunch will be held at Nunavut’s first and only craft brewery. Enjoy a flight of their variety of craft beer options.


    After lunch, take the remainder of the afternoon at your leisure to shop for unique gifts and souvenirs, such as Inuit art, textiles, exquisite soapstone carvings, and become better acquainted with Iqaluit. Enjoy dinner at one of Iqaluit’s many restaurants.


    Following dinner, in the comfort of a warm vehicle, your host will bring you to our Aurora viewing site just outside of town. By escaping the light pollution, we maximize your view of the dancing aurora. Your host will provide you with tips and tricks to getting the most out of your epic northern lights photographs.


    After your Aurora viewing, you will be brought back to your hotel for a great night’s sleep.


    Day 3

    After breakfast, we will explore the land either hiking or snowshoeing! This casual walk through Sylvia Grinnell Park to do some exploring and stretch our legs is the first itinerary item of the day. Stopping for a hot chocolate along the way is a must.


    You will receive a hot lunch along with a traditional Inuit cultural performance. Following the lunch, take part in a sewing workshop and learn the techniques in creating a traditional Inuit toy made of local materials.

    Once again, after dinner and in the comfort of a warm vehicle, your guide will bring you to our unobstructed Aurora viewing site just outside of town for more exquisite Aurora opportunities.


    Remember the tips and tricks for the photo clinic and enjoy the last evening of lights as they swirl across the Arctic sky.


    We will transfer you back to your hotel.


    Day 4

    After breakfast, our host will meet with you at the hotel and transfer you to the airport to board the flight south or possibly on towards your Arctic Safari. Our staff will be there to assist you through your boarding process.