6 Days Nanuvik Polar Bear Cabin Migration Safari (Land)

6 Days Nanuvik Polar Bear Cabin Migration Safari (Land)


This unforgettable exclusive polar bear tour is specially designed to get you as close to polar bears in the wild as possible.


Discover the land of polar bears and Inuit in the remote Arctic tundra on the coast of Hudson Bay on the ultimate exclusive polar bear viewing experience. Spend your nights at a cabin complete with an executive chef, local Inuit guides and a naturalist guide. Walk with polar bears and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery.


Get exclusive opportunities for dramatic polar bear photography from the ground, and experience the emotion of gazing into the eyes of these majestic animals at eye level. Situated on the remote tundra, directly in the path of polar bears as they roam the western coast of Hudson Bay waiting for the ice to form, our Nanuvik Polar Bear Cabin is in an ideal location to view and photograph polar bears up-close, from behind an unobtrusive electric fence. Plus, get the chance to see the Northern Lights at night.


Accommodating up to four guests, this ability to customize the Arctic adventure is great for families, photographers and couples looking for a unique and remote exclusive getaway.

  • Day 1

    Spend the night in a 4-star boutique hotel attached to the Winnipeg airport.


    Day 2

    Fly commercially or privately from Winnipeg or Churchill, Manitoba to Arviat, Nunavut. Travel by snowmobile, UTV, or truck across the tundra to the cozy and remote Nanuvik Polar Bear Cabin. Settle in and enjoy views of the tundra and possibly even polar bears and of course the change to see Northern Lights at night.


    Days 3-4

    Safely view and photograph polar bears from behind an unobtrusive electric fence that surrounds the cabin – they are known to wander right up to the fence! Get the chance to see polar bear mothers and cubs, as well as other Arctic wildlife including the Arctic fox.


    For days when there are no bears near the cabin, enjoy hikes on the tundra or snowmobile rides in search of polar bears. These activities are guided by Expedition Leaders and Inuit guides. Our expedition staff are experienced in polar bear safety and know the land well. They always make sure to keep all travellers a safe distance from wildlife, and strictly adhere to the Wildlife Policy of Nunavut – keeping our guests and the animals safe.


    At this time of year there is also a great chance to view the Northern Lights after a full day of discovery. If the conditions are right, witness a spectacular light show at night.


    Enjoy gourmet meals prepared by an Executive Chef, with menus customized to your tastes.


    Daily itineraries can also be customized to you, depending on conditions and wildlife.


    Day 5

    After a hot breakfast take your last few photographs at the Nanuvik Polar Bear Cabin. Transfer back to the Arviat airport for your flight back to Winnipeg.  Overnight at the Winnipeg airport boutique hotel.


    Day 6

    Depart for home.