7 Nights Alpine Peaks of North Norway, Ski & Sail

7 Nights Alpine Peaks of North Norway, Ski & Sail


Starting in Tromsø, the “Paris of the North,” and finishing in Alta, the home of the Northern Lights Cathedral, this adventurous voyage lets you ski some of the best and biggest off-the-beaten track slopes in Northern Norway. Summits like Trolltinden, Arnoyhogda, and Øksfordjøkelen are all possibilities on this exhilarating expedition-style cruise.

  • Note: please see Prices and Departures section for departure dates and voyage lengths.



    Day 1: Paris of the North


    Your adventure begins in Tromsø, nicknamed the “Paris of the North,” located in an area rich with Norse and Sámi history. We aim at departing from Tromsø in the evening, sailing through Grøtsundet and Ullsfjorden toward the island of Arnøya. All passengers are kindly asked to board the vessel by 17:00.


    Days 2 - 3: Mountains of Arnøya


    In the morning, you prepare for your first outing in Akkarfjord. If conditions permit, you start skiing up to the summit of Trolltinden (850 meters, 2,790 feet). From here you can enjoy an expansive view of the beautiful Northern Norway coastline. The vessel stays in this area for another day in order to find more ski possibilities, such as the summit of Arnoyhogda (1,170 meters, 3,840 feet).  


    Days 4 – 7: Deep fjords, high mountains


    The ship becomes your base for daily ski trips in areas that can hardly be reached any other way.


    This program is designed for experienced ski mountaineers who have mastered techniques both for ascent and descent in challenging, snow-covered alpine terrain.


    A typical day involves climbs on mountaintops averaging heights of 800 - 1100 meters (2,600 - 3,600 feet) and downhill skiing from those points. The accumulated altitude you might climb over a given day can exceed 1,000 meters (3,280 feet).


    An accurate route cannot be determined in advance due to variable weather, sea, wildlife, and avalanche considerations.


    The map outlines a possible but not final route with stops at Frakkfjorden (Stoltind, 962 meters, 3,160 feet), Langfjorden, Øksfjord (Øksfordjøkelen, 1,175 meters, 3,860 feet) Simavik on Stjernøya (Nordmannsfjellet, 844 meters, 2,770 feet), and Seiland.


    This route serves as a rough guide only. The expedition leader ultimately makes the final decision as to daily adjustments. Flexibility is paramount in this type of cruise, and ski mountaineers must bring their own equipment. 


    Day 8: Arriving in the heart of Finnmarken


    Your voyage ends in the picturesque town of Alta, located at the head of Alta Fjord. You disembark at 09:00, beginning your homeward journey (or other post-cruise program) with memories that will accompany you wherever your next adventure lies.


    Note: All activities on or off the vessel, such as (but not limited to) ski outings and Zodiac trips, are done at the passenger’s own risk. We are not liable for any damage, such as (but not limited to) bodily injury, illness, and death, unless as a result of gross negligence. Furthermore, with the consent to participate in the ski mountaineering program, the passenger agrees to make no claims for reimbursement for shortened travel days due to reasons beyond the organization’s control, such as (but not limited to) conditions of weather and ice, avalanche threads, and expedition staff injuries. On all our transactions, the general terms and conditions apply, registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Middelburg, the Netherlands. File nr.: 50590715. Upon request, a free copy will be provided.