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8 Days Baffin Island Diving Safari (Land)
  • 8 Days Baffin Island Diving Safari (Land)


    Explore the Arctic from above and below the ice with the best and only Canadian Arctic scuba diving operator. Immerse yourself in a world of icebergs, become an Arctic diver among the drifting pack ice, the Arctic sea floor, and fascinating wildlife including narwhal, bowhead whales and polar bears on our Baffin Island Expedition.


    Enjoy the glow of 24-hour sunshine at the floe edge, as you experience some of the most unique, exclusive and spectacular Arctic diver experience on the planet. At the end of full days spent diving, take in dramatic landscapes of towering granite cliffs, mountains, glaciers, and icebergs on this Baffin Island expedition.


    Join us on the ultimate Arctic diving experience – on the only ice diving trip of its kind in the world!