8 Days Polar Bear Migration Fly-in Safari (Land)

8 Days Polar Bear Migration Fly-in Safari (Land)


This is an exclusive polar bear photography tour and a rare opportunity in the polar bear capital of the world during the annual polar bear migration back to Hudson Bay. This cabin-based polar bear safari is specially designed to get you close to one of the world’s most magnificent predators in their natural habitat and will give you some ideal polar bear watching locations.


Fly in the Arctic by private charter along the west coast of Hudson Bay river from Churchill, Manitoba. On this short, 50-minute flight, a lucky few may even get a chance to view and photograph Arctic wildlife from above.


Strategically located in “polar bear alley”, our Polar Bear Cabins site is situated directly in the path of polar bears migrating as they search for the first sea ice forming on the bay.


Get the opportunity to safely photograph polar bears at ground level on this safari, behind an unobtrusive electric fence. Polar bears are known to wander right up to the fence!


Escape and unplug at our intimate, remote and rustic private cabin complex for an exclusive and comfortable experience in the North during the annual polar bear migration.

  • Day 1

    Spend the night in a 4-star boutique hotel attached to the Winnipeg airport.


    Day 2

    Fly from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba. On arrival, transfer to a private charter aircraft waiting to whisk you away to our Polar Bear Cabins. During the 45-50 minute flight along the west coast of Hudson Bay aerial landscape photography maybe possible. A lucky few may even get a chance to view and photograph Arctic wildlife from above such as Hudson River and Churchill Polar Bears. Our Polar Bear Cabins are strategically placed in “polar bear alley” for reliable polar bear encounters.


    Days 3-6

    Spend time observing and photographing polar bears and other Arctic wildlife, including Arctic hare, Arctic fox, pine martens, willow ptarmigan, snowy owls, gyrfalcons and wolverines in the wild, while admiring the stunning natural landscapes. Safely see and photograph polar bears from ground-level within the Polar Bear Cabins complex, from behind an unobtrusive electric fence, and take short treks over the frozen tundra with seasoned Inuit guides. Guides will get you as close to polar bears as safely possible for extraordinary viewing and photographs.


    Delight in the magical Northern Lights at night. Weather permitting.


    Day 7

    Capture a few last shots of the polar bear migration in the morning before flying back to Churchill, where you will spend the night in a local hotel.


    Day 8

    Depart Churchill and arrive into Winnipeg either later afternoon or evening, where you will continue your journey home.