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Polar Dream Travel was founded in 2017 by a team that loves expedition and enjoys travel. We were super motivated by our first fantastic trip experience in Antarctica. Since then, we are on a mission to make your  polar dream come true!


As a specialized travel agency, we partner with 40 major polar operators and provide you direct access to 400+ Antarctica and Arctic itineraries, including North Pole, Ross Sea, South Pole among others.

Why Polar Dream Travel?

  • Client satisfaction - our No. 1 goal

      The only reason we exist, is to make your polar dream come true. We are obsessed with finding your the perfect itinerary, and preparing you for a once in a lifetime experience. We highly value our relationship and your feedback!

  • First hand polar experience

      All of us have been in Antarctica and Arctic multiple times! In order to offer you the best and most professional services, we ​head out to polar areas each year to get you the most updated area info.​

  • Strong partnership with operators 

      We build solid partnerships with operators to serve you better. We have extensive experience on group bookings, as well as individual bookings. Operators love to work with us on finding the solution to your challenges. 


We are looking forward to the opportunity helping realize your dream to be a polar traveler. Please contact us and start this exciting journey today!

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