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Cruise to Antarctica normally leaves from Ushuaia (Argentina) and Punta Arenas (Chile). Antarctica Peninsula is the first Antarctic experience for most polar adventurers. Going further to the deep south, Antarctic Circle is where very few lucky polar adventurers are able to witness heavier ice and fabulous landscape.  Ross Sea, further south and nicknamed "The Last Ocean", is proved to be the most pristine piece of the ocean left on Earth. To the east of Antarctic Peninsula, it is Weddell Sea. Southern part of Weddell Sea is covered by permanent and massive ice shelf. There are plenty of whales and seals in this area. In addition to above, some Antarctica cruises also visit Falkland Islands and South Georgia in the north. Those areas are wildlife paradise with numerous penguins, seals and birds. Last but not the least, South Pole is where most people dream to visit someday, which is now totally possible.

Antarctica cruises are available during Antarctica’s summer, i.e. November to March. During summer, highest temperature hovers around zero degree with long hours of sunshine available. From April to September, temperature drops to below freezing. Treacherous winds and endless nights make those months out of reach for tourists. The best time of the year to visit Antarctica is from December to February. During December, penguins are hatching eggs. Penguins chicks and seal pups can be best seen during January. February provides a small opportunity to cross the Antarctic Circle.

Antarctica Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula is the most prominent peninsula as it extends 810 miles between Weddell Sea and Eklund Islands. More...

Antarctic Circle

Very few travelers made it this far south, i.e. 66 degree south. Are you one of those determined to make it? More...

Falkland Islands

Most striking feature of Falkland is five distinct types of Penguins, Albatross and Seals. More...

South Georgia

King Penguins! South Georgia is your ultimate place for all wildlife, mountains, grassland and glaciers. Are you ready? More...

Ross Sea

Weddell Sea

Weddell Sea is rarely visited and fully covered with ice. Renown for its tabular icebergs and Emperor Penguins. It was where Shackleton's ship was trapped initially. More ...

In 2016, Ross Sea became the world's largest marine protected area (MPA),  which is said to be the Earth's most pristine marine ecosystem.? More...

South Pole

No matter which directions you point to, it is always north. Yes you are right, this is the southernmost point on Earth. More...

Fly and Sail

For those don't want to cross Drake Passage by sea, fly and sail is a great way to experience Antarctica. More...

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