13 Nights Quest for Antarctic Circle

13 Nights Quest for Antarctic Circle

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A massive rookery of penguins shuffles across a frozen shore; a pod of whales glides through frigid waters; dramatic landscapes float off in the distance – welcome to Antarctica. Join us on a voyage of discovery to our planet’s last frontier – a mysterious and virtually pristine paradise. Our ice-strengthened expedition ship is ideally suited to cruising this icy wilderness, and her expert staff are on hand to ensure you’ll fully appreciate all the majesty you encounter. Sail the Drake Passage past the South Shetland Islands, then really explore the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other – more like a private expedition than a traditional cruise.

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    Day 1 Ushuaia

    Arrive in Ushuaia at any time. Arrival transfer included. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the world's most southerly city.


    Day 2 Ushuaia/Drake Passage

    Enjoy a free morning in Ushuaia. Do any last minute shopping, explore the town, or visit the surrounding countryside. Embarkation on the G Expedition begins in the afternoon at the port in Ushuaia. Enjoy the evening sailing through the Beagle Channel.


    Meals included: Breakfast | Dinner


    Days 3–4 Drake Passage/South Shetland Islands

    The adventure begins with an 800km (497 mi) crossing of the passage named in honour of 16th-century English sea captain and privateer, Sir Francis Drake. The ship is at home in this part of the Southern Ocean. Enjoy daily lectures from the expedition team and keep an eye out for icebergs, whales, and albatross following in the G Expedition's wake.


    Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner


    Days 5–6 South Shetland Islands/Antarctic Peninsula

    Encounter some of the region's unique wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery while setting foot on the Antarctic continent. Attempt two shore landings per day (weather permitting) and encounter gentoo, chinstrap, and Adélie penguin rookeries; Weddell, crabeater, and leopard seals; and orca, humpback, and minke whales in the cold Antarctic waters.


    Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner


    Days 7–8 Antarctic Peninsula/Antarctic Circle

    With a close eye on weather conditions, continue southward along the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Passing colossal icebergs and countless colonies of penguins, push on with the goal in mind - crossing the Antarctic Polar Circle. Few travelers have ventured this far south, but with our fully equipped ice-strengthened vessel and favourable sea conditions, the Expedition can access many remote locations other ships just can't reach.


    Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner


    Days 9–11 Antarctic Circle/Drake Passage

    Turn north for the first time to continue exploring the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands.


    Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner


    Day 12 Drake Passage

    Leave Antarctica and head north across the Drake Passage. In between bird watching and whale watching and enjoying some final lectures by the expedition staff, this is a chance to relax and review the adventures of the past week before returning to Ushuaia.


    Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner


    Day 13 Drake Passage/Ushuaia

    Begin your journey to your home port of Ushuaia. Review the highlights of your Antarctic experience with our lecturers and staff, and keep your eyes open on the observation deck for some last-minute whale sightings.


    Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner


    Day 14 Ushuaia

    Disembark the G Expedition after breakfast.


    Meals included: Breakfast