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Quick Facts about Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula is the only part of the Antarctica that extends outside the Antarctic Circle. It is also called Palmer Peninsula, Graham Land, or Tierra de O’Higgins. It forms 800 miles extension towards the southern tip of South America.

The weather in the Antarctic Peninsula is much milder than most people may have imagined. During the summer time, the average temperature is bit above zero (34-36 F) Even during the coldest month in June, the temperature is typically -20 to -15 Celsius (-4 to 5 F).

Antarctic Peninsula is regulated under the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) which sets aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve, establishes freedom of scientific investigation, and bans military activity on the continent. There are currently 28 scientific research stations in Antarctica Peninsula.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Antarctic Peninsula

  • Most popular destination for Antarctica expedition trips

  • Shortest possible journeys to witness the beauty of Antarctica 

  • The best place to enjoy snow and ice covered mountains, glaciers & unique landscape

  • Visit various penguin colonies & take a selfie with a curious penguin passing by

  • Plunge into the icy water in Antarctica & take part in other excursions like kayaking and camping

Antarctic Peninsula Seasons



Late Oct to Nov

  • Antarctica is reawakening after a long winter. Among the first to set foot on Antarctica with pristine landscape.

  • Biggest Icebergs of the whole season.

  • Days are getting longer with more sunlights. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets.

  • Penguins start to court and begin nest building, sky pointing and stone stealing.

  • First batch of whales come down to Antarctica for feeding.

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Dec to Feb

  • Best Season to visit Antarctica with longest sunshine, warmest temperature and most active wildlife.

  • Glaciers are actively calving

  • Cute penguin chicks and seal cubs.

  • Many whales are migrated here and can be seen feeding in groups.

  • Rarely sea ice related issues may prevent landing

  • Best time to explore further south inside Antarctic Circle if possible from mid Feb as pack ice recedes.




  • Days are getting shorter with incredible sunsets. Temperature drops but still above zero.

  • Large pods of whales can be seen before migration to north happens

  • Penguin chicks grow up quickly and start to grow adult features while their parents become to moult.

  • Spectacular green and pink algae on slopes and cliffs.

  • Possible night frosts with thin sea ice

Antarctic Peninsula Landing Sites

There are over one hundred possible landing sites in Antarctic Peninsula. Landing and Zodiac cruising are included in the prices of our expedition trips. The exact expedition plan will be determined by the captain and expedition leader based on ice and weather condition. Safety is always the number one priority of our expedition trips. Whenever possible, landing will be arranged so that all travellers might set their feet on Antarctica.