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M/S Quest Restaurant
M/S Quest Restaurant
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Formerly known as 'Sea Endurance', the M/S Quest is one of the world’s best ships for exploration. Built in 1992 to serve as a ferry on Greenland's West Coast, the M/S Quest is considered one of the world's best ships for exploring the Polar regions. It was completely refurbished during 2004/2005 and this year, 2018, it is undergoing renovations in passenger areas. Built in Denmark for sailing in the icy waters of Greenland, this ship offers an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

The M/S Quest has a double bottom and central steel keel. It was built in 1992 in Denmark and refurbished in 2005 which included the addition of a new panorama lounge on the top deck and 26 cabins providing views of the sea. It was originally used for sailing along the coast of Greenland.

The vessel can accommodate 53 passengers in 26 bright, outside cabins appointed with single or double beds and private, en-suite toilet and shower facilities.

The ship is 50m long, 11m wide and has a depth of 7.10m. The main engine, B & W Alpha DVO diesel 1,470 kW, has a maximum speed of 13.4 knots and a service speed of 12.5 knots. The ship carries a fleet of five Zodiac rafts for whale watching and shore landings in isolated areas. 


  • Passengers: 53

  • Length: 50 meters

  • Breadth: 11 meters

  • Draft: 3.5 meters

  • Ice class: 1D (1B Hull)

  • Tonnage: 1180 tonnes

  • Propulsion: MAN / B & W, 1470 KW

  • Speed: 13.4 knots maximum speed/12.5 service speed

Accomodation Details

Owner's Cabin (Category A)

  • Large outside deluxe cabin furnished with a double bed with two mattresses. 

  • 3.27m by 3.3m (10.8 sq meters)

  • The cabin is also equipped with a desk, seating area, fridge, TV and DVD player and two windows.

  • The cabin is located on deck 4.

Double Cabin Superior (Category B)

  • Outside superior cabin equipped with a double bed, desk, seating area and window.

  • Size from 10 sq meters to 15.8 sq meters


  • One cabin is located on deck 4, and three are located on deck 3.

Double Cabin (Category C)

  • Outside deluxe cabin with a double bed (two mattresses).


  • There is also a desk, seating area, TV and DVD player and window.

  • Size of 8.6 sq meters


  • Two cabins are situated on decks 3.

Twin Cabin Plus (Category D)

  • Outside superior cabin with two separate beds (sofa and bed), desk, chair and window.

  • Size of 10.0 sq meters


  • Two cabins are situated on deck 3.

Twin Cabin (Category E)

  • Outside standard cabin furnished with two separate beds (sofa and bed), desk, chair and window.

  • Size of 8.8 - 9.5 sq meters


  • Thirteen cabins are located on deck 3.

Triple Cabin (Category F)

  • Outside standard cabin furnished with two separate beds (sofa and bed), desk, chair and window. Triple cabins are equipped with bunk beds and can sleep three people. 

  • Size of 10.0-12.6 sq meters


  • Three cabins are located on deck 3.

Deck Plan

Arctic 2022 Departures

2022/7/9-2022/7/19, 2022/7/19-2022/7/29, 2022/7/29-2022/8/8, 2022/8/8-2022/8/18, 2022/8/18-2022/8/28

From $8,090

Arctic 2023 Departures

2023/6/30-2023/7/10, 2023/7/10-2023/7/20, 2023/7/20-2023/7/30, 2023/8/2-2023/8/12, 2023/8/12-2023/8/22, 2023/8/22-2023/9/1

From $8,290

2023/5/16-2023/5/24, 2023/5/23-2023/5/31

From $5,690

2023/5/30-2023/6/7, 2023/6/6-2023/6/14, 2023/6/13-2023/6/21

From $6,190

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