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World Traveller was conceived with the sensibilities of an explorer – one who believes the world is best experienced up close, while still leaving the destination untouched. Launching in summer 2022, World Traveller realizes the possibilities of environmental stewardship with the latest hybrid power management and propulsion system, maximizing fuel efficiency and consuming as low as one-fifth the fuel compared to conventional cruise-ship systems. Its alternate hydro-jet propulsion system helps the ship quietly cruise up to five knots without disturbing marine wildlife for incomparable up-close encounters.

This is how you can best enjoy the world and protect it for others. And as the expedition-style World Traveller quietly nestles into the amazing, remote and rugged locations on your itinerary, you’ll wonder why anyone would roam any other way.


  • Passengers: 196

  • Staff & crew: 125

  • Length: 129 meters

  • Breadth: 18 meters

  • Draft: 4.7 meters

  • Ice class: 1B

  • Gross Tons: 10,000t

  • Cruising Speed: 16 knots

Accomodation Details

Navigator Suite

  • 1 Bedroom Suite with Balcony - Total Living Space: 465 sq. ft.

  • Breathe easy in our most spacious suite aboard World Navigator. Generous floor-to-ceiling ocean views create the perfect balance of indulgent nights aboard after rugged days ashore.


  • An oversized balcony offers a prime lookout point for watching the sunrise and sunset as you feel the sea breeze bathe you in complete serenity.


  • His and her sinks and a tub afford you the opportunity to relax and luxuriate.


  • Navigator incorporates details like two wall-mounted flat-screen TVs, state-of-the-art infotainment system, and separate living room with sofa to create an inviting atmosphere.

Discovery Suite

  • 1 Bedroom Suite with Balcony - Total Living Space: 445 sq. ft.

  • The Discovery suite is your personal haven while sailing to your next destination. Get wrapped up and lost in the warm comfort of having your every whim and need anticipated and attended to.


  • An oversized balcony provides the best way to catch a refreshing ocean breeze, from dawn to dusk. Settle into pure bliss as you listen for the soft wash of waves, falling into a heightened sense of peace.


  • Two flat-screen TVs, state-of-the-art infotainment system and separate living room with sofa and vanity let you lean back in absolute relaxation. Worries and responsibilities are far from mind when you’re immersed in ultimate luxury.

Journey Suite

Journey Suite.png
  • 1 Bedroom Suite with Balcony - Total Living Space: 383 sq. ft. - Balcony: 106 sq. ft.

  • Settle into plush accommodations on board after a long day’s outing on shore. Get that soothing feel as you lie back among the Egyptian cotton linens and duvet of your queen-size bed. Revel in the soft luxury of perfectly placed pillows and snuggle down for a night of sweet dreams.


  • Step onto your sumptuous, private balcony with a drink of choice in hand. Take your breakfast with a side of expansive views, where water meets sky. Here, the world feels wide and full of promising adventure.

  • Two flat-screen TVs, a separate living room with sofa and state-of-the-art infotainment system create a tranquil ambience. Our Journey suite makes the destination all the sweeter.

Horizon Deluxe

Horizon Deluxe.png
  • Queen Stateroom - Total Living Space: 300 sq. ft. - Top drop Juliet-style Balcony

  • The Horizon Deluxe stateroom delivers on its promise with impressive views and a cool ocean breeze with the light scent of sea salt from the top-drop Juliet-style balcony. It’s easy to get swept away in the magnificent sight of blue sky and sea in every direction.

  • A single closet offers ample space to keep your belongings in order throughout the journey. The roomy interior sitting area takes to heart the saying, “The more the merrier,” as it comes equipped with a convertible sofa to accommodate a third guest.

Veranda Deluxe

  • Queen Stateroom - Total Living Space: 248 sq. ft. - Walk-out Balcony: 52 sq. ft.

  • There is nothing more luxurious than starting and ending your day on a generously sized balcony with rich, teak furnishings. Salt and sea breeze from your walk-out balcony are the perfect complement to a morning coffee or evening nightcap.


  • Luxurious touches like a private marble bath with walk-in glass shower make all the difference to unwind in simple elegance. An intimate sitting area provides an inviting atmosphere to spend a leisurely evening in your room while a queen-size bed beckons for a night of blissful rest.


  • Queen Stateroom - Total Living Space: 270 sq. ft. - Top drop Juliet-style Balcony

  • For a brand new perspective of high living, look to the Horizon. Unwind in classic and simple elegance. A floor-to-ceiling Juliet-style balcony with top-drop electric window lets you take in the breadth and wonder of the seas with a cool ocean breeze. A wardrobe provides enough accommodation to keep your possessions tucked away as you venture ashore.

  • Luxuriate in a private marble bath between adventures and sleep comfortably in a queen-size bed. A cozy sitting area provides just what you need for days spent at sea, lounging.


  • Queen Stateroom w/Balcony - Total Living Space: 270 sq. ft.

  • A private balcony with warm, teak furnishings provides the perfect backdrop for a brief respite with a mesmerizing view in the Veranda Stateroom. A single wardrobe offers enough space to keep your wardrobe and belongings organized throughout the voyage. The intimate sitting area with state-of-the-art infotainment system and flat-screen TV give you just what you need to lay back and take a little catnap.

Solo Accommodation / Adventure Oceanview

  • Queen Stateroom - Total Living Space: 183 sq. ft. - Panoramic Window

  • Experience maximum comfort with effortless style. The comfortable Adventure Stateroom offers explorers a full picture window with panoramic views, the perfect backdrop for a quiet day aboard.


  • It’s all about maintaining simple elegance. A single wardrobe provides ample room to store your belongings for safe keeping and organization throughout the journey. A comfortable sitting area with two chairs and a side table let
    you be carefree.

Deck Plan


Antarctica 2024/25 Departures

2024/11/8-2024/11/19, 2024/11/28-2024/12/9, 2024/12/9-2024/12/20, 2024/12/29-2025/1/9, 2025/1/9-2025/1/20, 2025/2/11-2025/2/22, 2025/2/22-2025/3/5, 2025/3/14-2025/3/25

50% Off + Exclusive Savings + Military 10% Off + OBC $200 pp

From $7,499

2024/10/30-2024/11/8, 2024/11/19-2024/11/28, 2024/12/20-2024/12/29, 2025/3/5-2025/3/14

50% Off + Exclusive Savings + OBC $200 pp + Military 10% Off

From $6,499

Arctic 2025 Departures


50% Off + Exclusive Savings + OBC $200 pp

From $5,174


50% Off + Military 10% Off

From $7,000


50% Off + Military 10% Off

From $4,600


50% Off

From $5,900


50% Off

From $5,500

Antarctica 2025/26 Departures


50% Off

From $11,499

2025/11/18-2025/11/29, 2026/1/25-2026/2/5

50% Off + Military 20% Off

From $9,400

2025/11/9-2025/11/18, 2025/12/8-2025/12/17, 2026/1/16-2026/1/25, 2026/2/5-2026/2/14

50% Off + Military 20% Off

From $7,900

2025/12/17-2025/12/28, 2026/2/14-2026/2/25

50% Off + Exclusive Savings + OBC $200 pp

From $9,499

2025/11/29-2025/12/8, 2025/12/28-2026/1/6, 2026/2/25-2026/3/6

50% Off + Exclusive Savings + OBC $200 pp

From $6,299

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