10 Days Polar Bear Mother & Newborn Cubs Safari (Land)

10 Days Polar Bear Mother & Newborn Cubs Safari (Land)


Immerse yourself in the world’s largest polar bear denning area for one of the most rarely-seen wildlife experiences on our polar bear photo safari. With unique, heated vehicles, this lodge-based expedition provides unprecedented and comfortable access to denning habitats. Enjoy shimmering Northern Lights at night, after days of observing and photographing precious moments between polar bear mothers and cubs.

Be one of the select few to experience the rare polar bear photography opportunities to see newborn polar bear cubs, safely, at a close range. Feel the exhilaration as they take their first steps in the snow as their mothers introduce them to the world.

  • Day 1

    Arrive in Winnipeg, Manitoba and settle in to your hotel.


    Day 2

    This polar bear photography adventure begins with an early morning flight to Churchill, MB. Enjoy a town tour and lunch at a local restaurant.


    Board the evening train to Chesnaye, then transfer to the Newborn Polar Bear Cub Lodge, assisted by your Expedition Leader.


    Days 3-8

    Spend these days observing polar bear mothers and newborn cubs as they explore their new world. Gain unmatched access to denning habitats in comfort via unique tracked heated vans, unlike any other polar bear tours. Wildlife viewing and photography, including caribou and ptarmigan, are also possible.


    Enjoy a front-row seat of the dancing Northern Lights after dinner.


    Day 9

    Take the early-morning train back to Churchill. Then, fly to Winnipeg and overnight at the hotel.


    Day 10

    Depart Winnipeg for home.