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7 Days Polar Bears Conservation Journey (Land)
  • 7 Days Polar Bears Conservation Journey (Land)


    Conservation Journey: Polar Bears takes you deep into the heart of polar bear country, the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (CWMA), where the most studied population of polar bears in the world are found during the autumn months preceding the Hudson Bay freeze-up. This adventure includes an Interpretive Guide and a maximum of 20 people on each Tundra Buggy®.


    Tundra Buggy Lodge is our base for the adventure, which includes three full-days on the tundra, and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Buggy One, a mobile broadcast and research station that also serves as operation central for the live polar bear cams operated by Polar Bears International, and etc. Evenings are spent on the Tundra Buggy Lodge, where you will learn about polar bear habitat and species conservation awareness from PBI researchers and scientists, including PBI's Chief Scientist Dr. Steven Amstrup. 


    You will return home with valuable information about how climate change is impacting polar bear habitat, along with valuable wildlife experience from the frozen Hudson Bay coast. Join us to see first-hand the work we’re doing and learn how you too can help preserve polar bear habitat.


    Enthusiast Level: This is our most well-rounded level of departure, with a mixture of cultural and wildlife adventures with fewer people. Maximum 20 guests per Tundra Buggy with a total of 40 people at the lodge. This level of tour is led by a professional Interpretive Guide and offers guests the ability to focus on their adventures - we'll take care of the little details.