9 Nights Iceland Circumnavigation

9 Nights Iceland Circumnavigation


Viking stronghold. Land of fire and ice. Culture, wildlife, and wonders. A modern nation on an ancient island. Iceland by ocean awaits.


Circling the island on the Ocean Endeavour, witness Earth in action: active volcanoes, emerging islands, lava fields, geysers, and glaciers.


The landscape is otherworldly. Superb photography, birding, and hiking are a quick Zodiac ride away. Whales ply the North Atlantic waters. Join us as we sail those same waters—around Iceland, by ship!

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    DAY 1 Reykjavík

    Iceland’s cosmopolitan capital, Reykjavík was established in 874 AD. Powered by geothermal energy, Reykjavík is widely considered one of the cleanest, greenest cities on Earth.


    Despite centuries of relative isolation, today Reykjavík is a contemporary city with plenty to see and do. The National Culture House preserves treasures like the Poetic Edda, and the Norse Sagas in their original manuscripts. We depart Reykjavík in the evening aboard the Ocean Endeavour.


    DAY 2 Rif, Snæfellsnes Peninsula

    We begin our day at anchor at the former trading port of Rif, on the doorstep of Snæfellsjökull National Park. We’ll have an introduction to Icelandic culture with our local guides. For the more adventurous, the region offers outstanding hiking, including opportunities to visit spectacular waterfalls.


    DAY 3 The Westfjords

    Only about ten percent of Iceland’s visitors ever see this region, known for its jagged bird cliffs and multihued beaches. Coastal fjords, immense mountains, and tiny villages can be found here, and a traditional lifestyle is embraced by the region’s inhabitants.


    DAY 4 Northern Iceland and Grímsey

    Iceland’s north is a geologist’s dream. Lava fields—almost lunar in their composition—epic waterfalls, snowcapped peaks, and bays teeming with marine wildlife are characteristic of the region.


    Grímsey Island lies on the Arctic Circle. Its human population of about a hundred shares the island with nearly a million seabirds! These include puffins, guillemots, and gulls.


    DAY 5 Akureyri

    Iceland’s second-largest urban area, Akureyri enjoys a relatively mild climate and ice-free harbour. In addition, Akureyri is surrounded by mountains, which shield it from strong winds.


    First settled in the ninth century, Akureyri provided a base for Allied units during the Second World War.


    Nearby Lake Myvatn offers stunning contrasts: one side of the lake features rugged volcanic remnants, while the other side is blessed with lush vegetation and varied bird life.


    DAY 6 Húsavík

    Húsavík, on Skjalfandi Bay, is known as the "Whale Capital" of Iceland. Fifteen different whale species frequent the area; we also hope to see dolphins, and thirty varieties of birds.


    The Húsavík Museum is located by the harbour. There are also numerous other museums including the Exploration Museum, which houses artifacts from Apollo astronaut training in the area; a whale museum, and a turf house museum.


    DAY 7 Seyðisfjörður

    Seyðisfjörður is nestled at the tip of its namesake fjord. The town of seven hundred is known for its flourishing art scene, colourful roads, and shopping.


    We will also have the opportunity to visit the Skálanes Nature Reserve. Family-owned and -operated, this is a centre for research and interpretation of Iceland’s environment and cultural history, and a model for sustainable tourism. The 3,000-acre area is a habitat for approximately fifty different bird species during the summer time, and, in particular, the eider duck.


    DAY 8 Southeast Iceland

    The south of Iceland is home to some of the country’s most beautiful natural attractions. It boasts a unique mix of volcanoes, lagoons, glaciers—as well as hot springs, geysers, and spectacular waterfalls.


    DAY 9 Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands)

    Vestmannaeyjar lies off the south coast of Iceland and comprises fourteen islands, numerous rocks and skerries. Only the largest island, Heimaey, is inhabited.


    Numerous species of seabirds nest in the steep rock faces along the ocean cliffs. The volcanically active area has seen two major eruptions in recent times: the formation of the island of Surtsey in 1963, and the Eldfell eruption ten years later that destroyed much of Heimaey and nearly blocked its harbour.


    DAY 10 Reykjavík

    Reykjavík, or “steamy bay”, is a cosmopolitan capital city and as much a part of the Icelandic experience as the midnight sun or the fire and ice that creates the island’s landscape.


    Today we disembark the Ocean Endeavour and transfer to the airport.