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4 Days Taste of the Arctic Summer (Land)
  • 4 Days Taste of the Arctic Summer (Land)


    As the Arctic awakens from its winter slumber, its raw and pristine beauty shines in the summer months. Admire the exotic tundra blooming of brilliant wildflowers with longer days and milder weather.


    Venture above the tree line to experience the best of the Iqaluit in summer with all its top highlights. Visit Nunavut’s capital city, a maritime community with a rich history. 


    Enjoy activities like hiking on the tundra. The rolling hills surrounding the city are full of dwarf vegetation and red-hued mosses. Explore Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park, where you can hike along the river valley of the stunning Sylvia Grinnell River and fishing for Arctic char from the shore near the mouth. 


    Try kayaking around Frobisher Bay where icebergs may still be floating and seals sometimes appear. There is no better time to experience the bucket-list goal of kayaking on the Arctic Ocean than in the summer weather and with a dry-suit provided.


    Enjoy daily guided town tours where you can delve into Inuit history and culture at Iqaluit’s museums and art galleries. Visit the historic Hudson Bay Trading Post on the shoreline of the Apex Trail. Shop for souvenirs at the local craft stores full of stone carvings, textiles, and more. 

    Experience the charm of this maritime city and explore Canada’s hidden gem destination!